20 Actors Nobody Noticed Pulling Double Duty

Weird, lots of dads also played the bad guy.
20 Actors Nobody Noticed Pulling Double Duty

No, you’re not seeing double. But it seems that a similar actor will play many roles on the same Television program at times. This one is done for a variety of reasons, including a story (many programs are even constructed around this one), and it's done for convenience or by accident. With almost all of Cinema's multi-hyphenates, it's no more uncommon to see even a movie star double as a producer, a screenwriter, or even a filmmaker on the same project.

However, some actors aren't satisfied with just one credit in the acting work.

Some celebrities prove they're hard workers by playing different roles in almost the same project, ranging from twins to entire families.

Sometimes, however, an extra is promoted fairly immediately. They need to throw a warm body in there when a minor role opens up owing to a sudden case of casting regret, continuity be damned.

Here are a few examples of actors that worked double shifts that you may have overlooked:

HARRY POTTER Warwick Davis While primarily playing Professor Flitwick, Davis also voiced Verne Troyer's portrayal as the banker Griphook, and eventual
GAME OF THRONES Dean-Charles Chapman After being killed off as a lesser Lannister, he took up the mantle (and later, the crown) as Tommen Baratheon.
LAW & ORDER: SVU Hayden Panetierre In just 4 years, she went from neglected child to murderous prostitute.
DOCTOR WHO Peter Capaldi He plays a sculptor who's saved by the 11th Doctor, before going on to play the 12th Doctor.
DOCTOR WHO Karen Gillian Before becoming the 11th Doctor's companion, she had a bit part in the same episode that Peter Capaldi did.
THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR Queen Latifah In season 1, she plays a hectoring actor in a HiLary plot. She returns in season 2 as Will's blind date.
LAW & ORDER Jerry Orbach Before he played Detective Lennie Brisco, he was attorney Frank Lehrmann, defending a(n accused) black widow.
BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Kali Rocha She briefly played Cecily, Spike's first love, before returning in the meatier role of Halfrek.
MIAMI VICE John Leguizamo Hey played a vengeful gangster's son for two seasons, before returning as a neo-nazi drug dealer.
PAN'S LABYRINTH Doug Jones Guillermo Del Torro cast the prosthesis genius as the Faun and the Pale Man. CRACKED.COM
BILL & TED'S BOGUS JOURNEY William Sadler He crushed his rare comedic turn as the Grim Reaper, but he also briefly plays an English dude rocking out i
JUMANJI Jonathan Hyde Hyde plays both Sam Parrish and Van Pelt in a very Peter Pan-esque statement about dads being the bad guy. CRACKED.COM
KILL BILL Michael Parks In Volume 1, he plays Texas Ranger Earl McGraw. In Volume 2, he's elderly pimp Esteban Vihaio. CRACKED.COM
COMING TO AMERICA Eddie Murphy te Did you catch all four of his roles? Prince Akeem, Clarence, Randy Watson, and Saul.
COMING TO AMERICA Arsenio Hall Hall also plays four different roles: Semmi, Morris, a girl in a bar, and Reverend Brown.
MARY POPPINS Dick Van Dyke On top of Bert the chimney sweep, he plays the ancient, crumbling banker Mr. Dawes Sr. (credited as Navckid Keyd).
GAME OF THRONES lan Whyte The actor/ stuntman played several monsters on the show, most notably Ser Gregor and Wun Wun.
DOCTOR STRANGE Benedict Cumberbatch On top of playing the titular role, Cumberbatch insisted on playing the villain Dormammu.
DEADPOOL 2 Ryan Reynolds On top of his third turn as Deadpool, Reynolds voiced and did motion capture for Juggernaut.
THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Jeremy Bulloch The guy who played Boba Fett also played Imperial officer Lieutenant Sheckil, who bravely used Leia as a human
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