24 TV Show And Movie Clever Trivia Tidbits

24 TV Show And Movie Clever Trivia Tidbits

Clever films that make half-hearted attempts to nod to other genres and worlds can often come across as flat, or visually unappealing.  These were among our cinematic peeves and there’s far too many to list. 

You've come to the wrong list if you're looking for all the times the Stranger Things kids looked right into the camera and instructed you to eat Eggo waffles and listen to Ted Nugent. Let’s be clear: we’re not saying that’s bad advice. If you want to witness Morgan Freeman's son in a cameo or a massive clawback in the Scream credits? Well sir (and madam) you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading!

These aren't ham-fisted Easter eggs or witty nods to the past. These are the small details that have a big impact on how readily and deeply we can immerse ourselves in a fictitious world. So come on down and scroll on into that good, good content:

24 TV Show And Movie Clever Trivia Tidbits

FRIENDS Ross wears a banana lapel pin to say goodbye to Marcel.

ZOOTOPIA Fleetwood Try Yak Everything Fur Fighters Let It Gazelle Goat Part Guns of N Your Rodents Wool Hyena Can Gomez You Feel Kanine the Ara-bunny

INTERSTELLAR That's real corn! Instead of CGI, Christopher Nolan planted a massive amount of actual corn, and sold it for a profit.

PULP FICTION JULLA SWEENEY Raque ROBERT RUTH Coffee Shop TDONAE Dnd T ut V.n I'm not a hero, I'm just a coffee shop- - Get the f*ck down! The coffee s

JUNO The doggy daycare that lost a dog. ie tosto BITS DONATE YOUR epots OLUPMENT RoClbat Dal ol Drots Sals And Aanghe: ach to 0198 1OST uk Ciedn Soure


THE POLAR EXPRESS Christmas tree at the top of the world aemermmm EYesacrm The tree is on tOp of a compass that points south in all directions, meanin

MEN IN BLACK I Frank the pug blows his cover HN IEE IAULUT THO HEASIAL APEAKIN6 t EEEE PU6 FAAKS GAMES He's seen advertised as The Incredible Speakin

MODERN FAMILY Ta GIsa Married w months Jay and Gloria apparently got a major renovation after the first episode.

FIGHT CLUB If you are reading this then this warning is for you. Every word you read of this useless fine print is anothet second off your fe, Don't y

TOY STORY 2 The Pixar lamp Our old friend Luxo Jr. has its own constellation in the first shot of the movie.

THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION Els Boyd 0A Determn e RE.IEC Re 0265 Red's mugshot at age 20 is Morgan Freeman's son, Alfonso.

FARGO 30 minutes, Jerry, we wrap this thing up. Steve Buscemi says to wrap it up with exactly 30 minutes left in the movie.

THE LEGO MOVIE The film was made with CGI, not stop-motion animation. But they went out of their way to add thumbprints. CRACKED.COM

THE TRUMAN SHOW TTAMIN D 1000 Everyone takes Vitamin D because they're not getting actual sunlight.

CARS The canyons are shaped like classic car hoods.

HOME ALONE Buzz's girlfriend is the art director's son. The director thought it would be too mean for Kevin to woof at a real teen girl.

THE ROAD TO EL DORADO DREAMWORK COMCASY ESMPANV The Dreamworks logo appears in the book of spells.

THE HARY POTTER SERIES ID MLD mlid AL LD The WB logo becomes darker as the story does.

JURASSIC WORLD Battle scars The T-Rex has scratches on its neck from its velociraptor fight in Jurassic Park.

THE MATRIX They put a coat and tie on the camera to camouflage it in the doorbell shot.

TEAM AMERICA The streets of Paris are paved with croissants.

DUNKIRK Some of the small boats from the film were used in the actual Dunkirk Evacuation in 1940.
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