12 Movie And General 'Now You Know' Facts To Feed Your Brain


Our brains are weird. Learning cool new stuff feels good, but dragging our brains all over the news and the internet to find cool stuff to learn feels like way too much work. Cracked's got your brain's back, though. We've collected a compendium of interesting facts, so your brain gets all of the happy and none of the bored.


12 Movie And General 'Now You Know' Facts To Feed Your Brain
Source: IGN

People who move to the Villas Las Estrellas settlement in Antarctica must first have their appendix removed. This is because the nearest hospital is 6
Source: BBC

In the 1960s Batman series, Batman and Robin buckled their seatbelts before taking off in the Batmobile. This occurred after a complaint by the Nation
Source: Ro, Ronin. Tales to Astonish: Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, and the American Comic Book Revolution. Bloomsbury Publishing, 2004.

In 1985, a man rigged his computer to call Jerry Falwell's toll-free prayer line every 30 seconds for eight months. It clogged the line and cost it ov
Source: Time

Peter Lassally produced Johnny Carson, David Letterman and Craig Ferguson. In his youth, he survived a concentration camp and went to grade school wit
Source: NPR
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