The 24 Creepiest Discoveries People Just Stumbled Into


As you're about to find out, some discoveries are less Holy Grail and more Necronomicon.

With the help of practitioner of the dark photo arts Auntiememe, we present baffling and downright creepy discoveries people ever chanced upon.

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A New Mexico librarian found SMaLLPox scabs in an envelope in an old book. The scabs were found in an 1888 book on Civil War medicine in an envelope m

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A German couple discovered a Perfect Mummy while they were hiking in the Alps. The couple thought they'd stumbled across a dead hiker. They might have

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A Colorado woman's new home had The woman discovered that the previous owner had a large bee infestation removed, and without the bees there flapping

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Archaeologists found a skull with chunk a of another skull inside it along with 10 other skulls, some of which were impaled on spikes, at the bottom o

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Bogs bodies are full of and bog water keeps them preserved for posterity. MUST This unlucky specimen, known as Forhistorisk Grauballe man, was found i

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