18 Terrifying News Stories You Didn't Know Were Media Panics

All bullshit is uncovered with time (or sometimes, just Google).
18 Terrifying News Stories You Didn't Know Were Media Panics

We all know people who like to whip out the latest and most shocking stories they just heard on the news to make a point, usually certified with some statement of "I just read an article about ..." or "No way, bro, this is totally true."

But all baloney is uncovered with time (or sometimes, just Google). Our readers have debunked some high-profile media panics with cold, hard facts and we gave $200 to the winner ...

18 Terrifying News Stories You Didn't Know Were Media Panics
CRACKEDCON In 1996, TIME reported that a study of 917,410 pictures available online found 83.5% to be pornographic in nature. So much porn! CYBERPORN
In Korea, local media, fan manufacturers, government LI 7)18 ROI 28 agencies and even some health NA practitioners have been telling people that sleep
In 2012, Ronald Poppo had his face chewed off in a brutal attack. Speculation was his attacker, Rudy Eugene, was high on a drug called bath salts. The
Mark your calendar CRAGKED COM New Mexico'climatologist sets New Madrid quake for Dec. No school Dec. 3-4: Quake is predicted earthquake would A major
WE DON'T NEED NO EDUSATON In the 1980s, Staff at the McMartin Preschool in California were charged for suspicion of SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE The accuser,
Anti-gay activist Paul Cameron has made a career of producing scientific sounding literature and statistics about the gay lifestyle and gay agenda.
WEST NILE VIRUS ALERT Every year, major media outlets announce that de ath and disease aRE waiting around every corner. They use words like outbreak
In 2009, Americans braced themselves for The Srirach pocalypse When multiple news outlets reported that, due to complaints about fumes from their plan
REMINDER: Weed YOU MUST SEE was ITCK ASSASSIN made of YOUTH illegal as a MARIHUANA result of a media DARING SENSATIONAL panic he TRUTH initiated by O
In the early 1990's there was of a deluge news reports from people who claimed to find syringes in Pepsi cans, with each news report eliciting more d
In America, from 1993 to 1998, Ct Csurc the national homicide rate dropped by 20%. ACVEL NOWR NURDERS PRI Meanwhile, U ABC, CBS, and NBC evening news
When CERN Large Hadron Collider first established the was in 1998, media went apeshit over how it would generate a black hole big enough to make our p
In 1938 Orson Welles caused GRAGKEDOON a nationwide panic with his But actually most of America War of the Worlds, right? was listening to this: ESE
In the decade after WWil, paranoid reports of a living Adolf Hitler came in from around the world, from news sources both legitimate and not, with ton
THE CRACKEDCON GREAT COMET SCARE OF 1910 T he people of Earth were in for a dandy treat in May of 1910 as the Earth was predicted to brush the tail of
SWINE FLU KIL CPTO (COUD) 120,000,000 26 2009 headline, April Metro.co.uk added) (emphasis The swine flu panic of 2009 started after over-estimates of

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