16 Places We Picture Wrong (Thanks, Movies)


Unless you're a part of the 1% or are a criminal on the run, you probably have watched more movies than have traveled. When you're watching a movie of a famous landmark, a city with some sights to see, or just some photogenic location, you have a small view into what that location appears to be, but it can be easily manipulated for the sake of the film's story. Or, the movie takes a picture of a place, just labels it as “Dusseldorf,” and calls it a day.

Movies don't have an interest in being accurate, just interesting. That's why Mount Everest appears cleaner than it is in real. It's why all the scenes of the Louvre art museum don't include it's mall-like appearance and Apple store. It's always nearly every single on-location shot looks like it came from Canada, because it was!

Learn about how some of the places you've seen in movies really look like:

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