26 Ways To Read People's Minds (Just By Looking At Them)

26 Ways To Read People's Minds (Just By Looking At Them)

Other people are complicated, and it's pretty easy to go through an entire interaction with someone and still come away feeling confused. Wouldn't it be nice if we could read minds? Here's something even better -- you can read bodies. Turns out you can tell a ton about a person, from their basic personality to the mood they're in right now, just by watching them.

For example:

Want to find sorebody sweet? Lpok for sororeone with a sweet tooth. Five different studies showed that people who prefer sugary snacks are more likely
Source: NIH

If you're looking for an honest person... choose the one with orange fingers. Psychiatrist and neurologist Dr. Alan Hirsch says cheese curl eaters hav
Source: Forbes

Wondering if sornebody's truly interested in what you're saying? Lpok for a head-tilt. If the person you're speaking to tilts their head, leaning thei
Source: CNN

Jorreone who wears expensive designer clothes right be rich. CHANEL or they right just be insecure. People who cover themselves in designer labels may
Source: Forbes

If you're looking for a Successful moan to hang out with... pick the guy who's clean-shaven. A study in Behavioral Ecology found that beardless men ar
Source: Source

Wondering if sorrebody has a healthy heart? check out their earlobes. Scientists who analyzed autopsy reports of people who died of heart disease foun
Source: NIH

Trying to decide between swirring and track? check your belly button. People with high belly buttons make good runners, while people with low belly bu
Source: Discovery
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