Tell Us Now: 21 Performances You Hate By Performers You Love

Somehow it's more disappointing when it's a performer you love.
Tell Us Now: 21 Performances You Hate By Performers You Love

We've all got our favorite performers, whether they're actors, singers, directors, or other creative types. And it's comforting to know that we can always turn to them and know we'll see a great show. Unfortunately, though, they're human, and sometimes they really crap the bed. And somehow it's way more rage-inducing than if it were someone we didn't already like.

We asked our fans on Facebook to tell us about the worst, most disappointing performances by performers they love. Here's what they told us:

TELL US NOW. Liam B. says the Force definitely isn't with Mace Windu. I love the prequels but Samuel L. Jackson really is incapable of being likeable
Liam B.
TELL US NOW. Justina S. needs Weezer to knock off the covers. Especially Africa by Toto. They picked horrible or just ok songs, then did nothing to
Justina S.
TELL US NOW. Dee B. says Quentin Tarantino laid an egg with Hateful 8,. I was expecting a Magnificent 7-kind of western with Tarantino's signature hi
Dee B.
TELL US NOW. Stephanie O. loves everything by Queen... ...but as soon as I hear the opening of 'We Are The Champions,' I gag. Even seeing them in con
Stephanie C.
TELL US NOW. The Fountain made Melinda A. want to stab her eyes out. She loves Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz, but that movie was trash. What a piece
Melinda A.
TELL US NOW. Jacob M. has a visceral reaction to Bennie & the Jets.' I love almost Elton's whole library, but when 'Bennie and the Jets' comes on,
Jacob M.
TELL US NOW. Ryan W. says Scorsese laid an egg with The Color of Money. It's a random sequel released more than 20 years after the original with a bo
Ryan W.
TELL US NOW. Skyler M. loves Arnie, but Mr. Freeze makes her cringe. I love Arnold Schwarzeneggeri in the majority of movies he's been in, but his ro
Skyler M.
TELL US NOW. Adam S. says Metallica's black album was crap. The shortened, radio friendly-songs that were repeatedly played on every hard-rock to adu
Adam S.
TELL US NOW. Russell Crowe made Les Miz miserable for Maggie L. Russell Crowe is a great dramatic actor, but he does not have the singing skill requi
Maggie L.
TELL US NOW. Alec G. says Mel Brooks' Dead and Loving It is a dud. This is the ultimate low compared to his comedic high of Blazing Saddles. I love m
Alec G.
TELL US NOW. Kyle M. says Cate Blanchett was awful in Benjamin Button. The sequence in which  gets hit by a car is one of the most pretentious t
Kyle M.
TELL US NOW. Chris O. says Sly's Judge Dredd did longterm damage. He's a fan of Stallone, but it was such a piece of crap that its stigma hurt the re
Chris O.
TELL US NOW. Jasmine D. loves Rob Zombie, but not House of 1, 000 Corpses. I went in it expecting to be horrified and have my more psychotic side ins
Jasmine D.
TELL US NOW. Darlene J. can't believe how crap Ebony and Ivory is. (by Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney.) Totally stumped at how two seminal and prof
Darlene J.
TELL US NOW. Eric M. wishes the Coen Brothers had killed Ladykillers. He calls it horrible and embarrassing, adding it felt like a bad Farrelly Broth
Eric M.
TELL US NOW. Matt G. likes Springsteen -but not I Human Touch. OUCH Bruce is arguably the greatest rock star of all time... but if The Boss had relea
Matt G.
TELL US NOW. Patrick F. is a huge Tolkien fan - except I for The Silmarillion. He calls it absolutely unreadable by anyone that isn't a total nut bag
Patrick F.
TELL US NOW. For Patrick P., Rise of Skywalker was like a hot knife to the heart. He's a big fan of JJ Abrams, aNd I understand those who didn't li
Patrick P.
TELL US NOW. Andy D. is a fan, but isn't buying Taylor Swift's Reputation. reputatint SWIFT. SWNIPR SWIPT urryt aylor taylor St taylor TAYOR SWIEE AYT
Andy D.
TELL US NOW. Morgan R. loves Tom Hardy, but hates Bane. I can't tell you how much I love Tom Hardy and his incredible range ... but the minute Bane o
Morgan R.
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