24 Movie Villains Who Were Right All Along

24 Movie Villains Who Were Right All Along

Movies love to feed us black and white worlds, where good is good and evil is evil. It's understandable -- having the world so neatly organized is comforting to the human brain. The thing is, sometimes movie creators spend so much time explaining why the villain turned evil that they create a character who is infinitely more sympathetic -- and whose actions make a ton more sense -- than the so-called hero.

And you wind up with so-called bad guys who should have been the hero the whole time. Like...

VILLAIN: Magneto MOVIE: X-Men series VILLAINY: He wanted to protect mutants and didn't trust the rest of humanity. BUT WAIT! Everything Magneto predic

VILLAIN: The Robots 288 a MOVIE: The Matrix VILLAINY: Keeps human beings in pods to 3 8 act as living batteries. t se 829 BUT WAIT! The robots won the

VILLAIN: The Wicked Witch MOVIE: The Wizard of Oz VILLAINY: Taunts the girl who killed her sister, telling her she wants her shoes. BUT WAIT! The shoe

VILLAIN: Senator Kelly MOVIE: X-Men VILLAINY: Wants all mutants to register with the government. BUT WAIT! The mutants are vigilantes with powers like

VILLAIN: General Zod MOVIE: Man of Steel VILLAINY: Wants to save his people from extinction by taking over Earth. BUT WAIT! Superman says Krypton had

VILLAIN: Walter Peck MOVIE: Ghostbusters VILLAINY: Tries to investigate the heroes who are catching and storing ghosts. BUT WAIT! He works for the EPA

VILLAIN: Gaston MOVIE: Beauty and the Beast VILLAINY: Will do anything to marry Belle, including hunt and kill the Beast. BUT WAIT! The Beast is holdi

VILLAIN: The Feds MOVIE: E.T The Extra-Terrestrial VILLAINY: Constantly tried to capture E.T. and take him to a lab to be studied. BUT WAIT! E.T. form

VILLAIN: Shere Khan MOVIE: The Jungle Book VILLAINY: Wants Mowgli killed, because humans are dangerous. BUT WAIT! Humans are dangerous to animals. Mow

VILLAIN: Sheriff of Nottingham MOVIE: Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves VILLAINY: Collects taxes for Prince John and tries to capture Robin Hood. BUT WAIT

VILLAIN: Raoul Silva MOVIE: Skyfall VILLAINY: Part of a shadowy organization that controls and kills people. BUT WAIT! So he and James Bond have prett

VILLAIN: Hans of the 7 Isles MOVIE: Frozen VILLAINY: Tries to worm his way into ruling Arendelle, by romancing Anna. BUT WAIT! He kept Elsa from turni

VILLAIN: Gollum MOVIE: Lord of the Rings VILLAINY: Wants the ring back, eats fish raw. BUT WAIT! Bilbo took the ring from Gollum, knowing he was looki

VILLAIN: Grindlewald MOVIE: Fantastic Beasts, etc. VILLAINY: Wants to throw out imagical secrecy laws, claiming they cause suffering. BUT WAIT! Harry

VILLAIN: Syndrome MOVIE: The Incredibles VILLAINY: Trying to eliminate all superheroes and sell regular people his invention. BUT WAIT! His invention

VILLAIN: Lt. Harris MOVIE: Police Academy VILLAINY: Bullies the cadets by making them adhere to strict rules and standards. BUT WAIT! It's his job to

VILLAIN: Ed Rooney MOVIE: Ferris Bueller's Day off VILLAINY: Ruthlessly hunts Ferris and his friends in order to punish them hard. BUT WAIT! Ferris li

VILLAIN: The Hyenas MOVIE: The Lion King VILLAINY: Henchmen to Scar, the king's brother, who stages a bloody coup. BUT WAIT! The king banished the hye

VILLAIN: Stan Gable MOVIE: Revenge of the Nerds VILLAINY: Doesn't want the nerds to form a fraternity, or live a wedgie-free life. BUT WAIT! Those sam

VILLAIN: Jafar MOVIE: Aladdin VILLAINY: Tries to trick the sultan and seduce the princess with his magic staff. BUT WAIT! Aladdin does the same thing

VILLAIN: Carl Anheuser MOVIE: 2012 VILLAINYS Anheuser closes the arks, leaving the people on the dock to drown. BUT WAIT! There's a cataclysmic tsunam

VILLAIN: Caledon Hockley MOVIE: Titanic VILLAINY: Tries to stop Jack and Rose from fulfilling their destiny or whatever. BUT WAIT! Hello, Jack is some

VILLAIN: Benjamin Oliver MOVIE: Wayne's World VILLAINY: Fires Wayne and tries to get Cassandra to like him. BUT WAIT! He fired Wayne for calling his s

VILLAIN: Hela, Ruler of Hel MOVIE: Thor: Ragnarok VILLAINV: Smashed Thor's hammer, tried to kill Thor, and conquered Asgard. BUT WAIT! Hela was traine
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