24 Terrifying Real-World Monsters You Won't Believe Exist


It's good feeling to walk out of a monster movie knowing full well that we're safe from the beast on the screen. Well ... you can imagine where this is going ...

With help from the master of imagery witchcraft AuntieMeme, we present to you the monsters of the world.

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THE RHINO MOUSE IS REALLY THICK-SKINNED. They're not the result of KimCarpenter some strange gene-splicing experiment. They're afflicted with a pho na

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THE HAPPY FACE SPIDER JUST WANTS TO BE FRIENDS. Scientists speculate that this Hawaiian native developed its unique markings to discourage birds from

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THE PROMACHOTEUTHIS SULCUS HAS SERIOUS CHOPS. What look like squid Young teeth are actually circular, folded lips that Richard E. surround the critter

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THE MUSK DEER HAS FANGS. It doesn't have antlers, SO there's that. Photoiwkimedia Commons CRACKED COM hoanimaldiversityumm wicladulaccountsmoschkael

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THE PINK HANDFISH IS PLEASED TO MEET you. Geographic It's one of nine new National species of handfish that were recently Photo: discovered near Tasma

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