Tell Us Now: Once-Favorite Movies & Shows That Make You Cringe Now


The great thing about streaming and bingeing is that you can revisit old shows and movies you loved back in the day. The not-so-great thing is that you'll be viewing them through a modern lens, and sometimes they don't hold up. You've changed. The world has changed. Movies and shows have changed. Whatever it is, it can sometimes be more disappointing than nostalgic.

We asked our fans on Facebook to tell us which movies and shows that they used to love just haven't held up. Here's what they told us.

TELL US NOW. Karen M. loves 16 Candles, but has to admit it's pretty awful. It's very inappropriate culturally and on so many other levels.
Karen M.

TELL US NOW. Radar O. can't believe she ever thought Ross and Rachel were romantic. What a dysfunctional and destructive circus that was. E remember
Radar O.

TELL US NOW. For John K., re-watching Lost Boys was a rude awakening. When Sparkle Vampires were a thing, I was all like, 'Pfft- when I was a teen, t
John K.

TELL US NOW. Tim H. is sad to say the original Transformers cartoon hasn't aged well. 1 111 I remember thinking the animation was the best I'd ever s
Tim H.

TELL US NOW. Tim S. says the worst is Dukes of Hazzard. AL LE GENF Loved it growing up, not exactly knowing the connotations that comes with the Conf
Tim D.

TELL US NOW. Sohail S. says Airwolf has not aged well. AF As a kid this super copter was the best thing in the world. But now, seeing it made me real
Sohail S.

TELL US NOW. Marc D. is sad to say that The X-Files has aged very badly. It was a groundbreaking, great show, but They were opening a path. Now we're
Marc D.

TELL US NOW. Mitch P. groans over Firefly & Serenity. FiintIe For a setting where the swearing is in Mandarin, there are very few Asian actors repres
Mitch P.

TELL US NOW. Steven D. is horrified by the old Tom and Jerry cartoons. Tom's early owner was a faceless character named Mammy TwO-Shoes. When I was a
Steven D.

TELL US NOW. Hope B. just can't enjoy Mr. Bean, as an adult. It's just not as funny when he seems like a caricature of someone on the autism spectrum
Hope B.

TELL US NOW. London J. says Will & Grace got it wrong. I used to see Jack as a stereotype -a an effeminate user- and I saw Will as the 'Normal' one.
London J.

TELL US NOW. He-Man is looking like an ad for toys to James R., now. It seemed like a great Conan-style adventure. Now I can see it's a cheaply- mora
James R.

TELL US NOW. Chloe P. has lost her love for Bond films. When I was younger they were full of gadgets, beautiful women and the ultimate witty super sp
Chloe P.

TELL US NOW. Kevin T. says Labyrinth is cringeworthy now. Beyond the songs you actually remember and the fantastic puppets, the rest of the movie is
Kevin T.

TELL US NOW. Alex C. used to love Garden State- but life has changed that. I met people who actually have disorders and require medication. Now I hav
Alex C.

TELL US NOW. Christopher H. would like to nominate The Matrix. Vi8:2w 08 Just rewatched, and the clothes, visual style, music, and tech jargon all fe
Christopher H.

TELL US NOW. Jeff R. just re-watched Lethal Weapon, and holy sh*t. They never arrest a single person in the film, the cops... kill... everyone. Has n
Jeff R.

TELL US NOW. Courtney L. says watching Scrubs now is disappointing. Scrubs is like that high school friend that you see once in a while that can stil
Courtney L.
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