Why Do Humans Have Chins?

Why Do Humans Have Chins?

In case you've never stopped to wonder what your chin is for, now is the time to consider it. The same question has left scientists stroking their chins and wondering why humans are the only animals to have them. Keep reading to find out the most likely explanation for our weird end-of-face bones.

why do humans have chins? None of our evolutionary ancestors did. No other animal does. So why do we?

BONE PROJECTION BONE ANGULATION Lower jaws of both Neanderthals (above) and chimpanzees (below) slope inward. No chins here, folks. CRACKEDOON

There are four major explanations. Evolutionary scientists don't have a consensus on why we have chins, but they have offered a few hypotheses. CRACKE

EXPLANATION #1 To help chew Why it That's what the lower makes jaw is for, after all. sense Why it We don't really need doesn't help with chewing, and

EXPLANATION #2 To help speak Why it Human have extremely makes complex speech ability, sense sets us apart from chinless primates Why it Talking doesn

EXPLANATION #3 Sexual selection Why it Like antlers on a male elk, makes maybe it's a useless trait sense that people find attractive when picking mat

EXPLANATION #4 It's a non-adaptive trait Why it Humans have evolved to makes have smaller faces. After sense cooking our food, our jaws became less po
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