14 Behind-The-Scenes Fun Fraks From Battlestar Galactica

14 Behind-The-Scenes Fun Fraks From Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica (the 2004 reboot) had a weird trajectory: originally a one-off mini series, then under a sever-year contract, it was a show defined by change. Who would've thought that a story about humans just trying to survive the day... was made by a bunch of humans just trying to survive the day.

Here are some interesting tidbits that spun out of that turmoil:

Edward James Olmos nearly ad-libbed the show inito debt. After Adama learns that Starbuck died, Olmos smashed a model boat that happened to be on loan

The network stepped in to nix an on-screen suicide. After Palladino takes Colonel Tigh's wife hostage, he was originally going to off himself when Tig

The tone of Battlestar was inspired by bad blood from behind the scenes of Star Trek. Having left Star Trek on less-than-great terms, Ronald D. Moore

Edward James Olmos' anti-alien contract clause. Olmos refused to appear with any goofy Star Trek-y aliens: The first four-eyed monster that I see, I'
Source: SYFY

The darkest ad-lib: When counting off the casualties that dropped the living human count to 33, OImos tacked on a mournful. and ten suicides! Produc

Cally was supposed to die in the third episode. LCOME BACK CAL Still an unnamed extra at the time, she was .supposed to be unceremoniously murdered by

The significance of 33 minutes. RR.I .H There is none! Or at least, no symbolic significance. Moore says he figured it was enough time to finish a cou

What happened to Boxey? He was introduced as something of a Cousin Oliver'- a cute new kid meant to spice things up. But Battlestar already had sO ma

Why. was Number Six Number Six? The name is inspired by the 1960's British sci-fi The Prisoner, where Number Six was a prisoner who was being cons

What happened to the Olympic Carrier? Thought to have been infiltrated by Cylons, the Olympic is shot down after it misses a jump. We don't know if th

One Year Later was a drunk cop-out. After getting drinks at lunch while writing season two, Ronald D. Moore told David Eick I'm done, and phoned i

The first So Say We All' moment was very real. Edward James Olmos ignored his blocking cues and initiated the call-and-response, which no one on set
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