12 Fascinating 'Now You Know' Facts

12 Fascinating 'Now You Know' Facts

Right now, it's really easy to graze, and keep your belly happy with an influx of snacks. (Maybe too easy, but that's a different subject.) But are you neglecting your brain? Your mind also needs feeding, to keep it humming along happily. Probably.

Have no fear, Cracked is here, with a roundup of snack-sized facts to feed your brain. Snack away, guilt-free.

Two donkeys together for 10 years at a Polish ZOO were separated because of complaints they were mating in front of children. A petition with 7, O00 s
Source: The Star

lconic Captain America #1, with Cap punching Hitler, came out a year before the U.S. entered WWil. Jewish creators Joe Simon & Jack Kirby received dea
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