7 TV Shows You Should Be Watching Instead

You have no excuse to watch 13 Reasons Why anymore.
7 TV Shows You Should Be Watching Instead
By using a completely scientific process, we determined shows you should be watching instead of (or in addition to) the lesser shows you might be tempted watch on your next Netflix scroll. Read more of our completely objective television conclusions below.
INSTEAD WATCH OF THIS 13 Veronica Reasons Why Mars High school gumshoe figures out friend's death with colorful cast of characters, but without the we
INSTEAD WATCH OF. THIS Zoey's Crazy Ex Extraordinary Girlfriend Playlist Fun musical sitcom following quirky gal's romantic efforts, but with original
INSTEAD WATCH OF THIS The Office, for PEN15 the 16thtime Very funny and cringey nostalgia to remind you of sweeter times, but set in middle school ins
INSTEAD WATCH OF THIS Dave Atlanta ATO eep Watch an incredible rapper make incredible comedy instead. CRACKED.COM
INSTEAD WATCH OF THIS This Is Us The Fosters A multigenerational family drama that will give you whiplash from all the horrible things that happen to
INSTEAD WATCH OF THIS Friends You're ...again The Worst A group of intolerable, selfish friends are actually treated like the intolerable, selfish fri
INSTEAD WATCH OF THIS American Los Horror Espookys Story An otherworldly and eerie television show, but make it a (so far) consistently good and a com
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