10 Famous Movie Quotes That Almost Never Happened

10 Famous Movie Quotes That Almost Never Happened
Some of the best lines in cinema history were almost left on the cutting room floor; others almost weren't filmed at all. But thankfully, whether due to last-minute panic rewrites, persistent inside jokes, or someone straight-up sending David Fincher the wrong script, they made it.

Here are some career-defining quotes that almost didn't happen:

ZOOLANDER But why male models? After David Duchovny delivers his monologue about male models making the best assassins, Ben Stiller actually forgot

CHINATOWN Forget it, Jake, it's Chinatown Roman Polanski wanted a grittier rewrite of the script, and berated the screenwriter until he rage-quit. P

TITANIC I'm the king of the world! Leo shouted this when he first boarded the ship, and James Cameron chucked it in the script.

DUMB AND DUMBER Don't worry, we'll catch our break, too. Producers wanted Harry and Lloyd to get on the bus with the bikini babes at the end, but Ji

THE WARRIORS Warriors! Come out to play! The director alley-ooped the line to David Patrick Kelly on the spot, and Kelly delivered it like a weirdo

JAWS You're gonna need a bigger boat. This line was a big inside joke on set. The producers were too cheap to build a bigger boat, so boat size was

THE SHINING Here's Johnny! 01/ You may know it's a reference to The Johnny Carson Show, but Stanley Kubrick didn't. He'd lived in England for 20 yea

CASABLANCA Here's looking at you, kid. Humphrey Bogart would teach poker to Ingrid Bergman between takes, and this was just a common line he'd tease

MIDNIGHT COWBOY I'm walking here! The film was SO low-budget that they shot this scene with a hidden camera. Everyone you see is an authentic pissed

SE7EN What's in the box?! The studio desperately wanted a boring Hollywood ending, with Mills saving his wife in the nick of time. But they sent the
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