PITBULL AND JOHN TRAVOLTA QA Spirit Travolta said his good friend Pitbull inspired him to shave his head. Travolta is a fan of Pitbull, and Pitbull co
Source: Mitu

JOHN F. KENNEDY AND FRANK SINATRA While the FBI was investigating Sinatra's ties to the Mafia, it was reported that Kennedy spent a weekend with Sinat
Source: Mental Floss

NIKOLA TESLA AND MARK TWAIN Historians don't know how the two met, but the two were seen together frequently. Supposedly Tesla's earthquake machine
Source: Mental Floss

MARILYN MONROE AND ELLA FITZGERALD In order to get Fitzgerald booked at a club, Monroe promised to show up every time she'd perform. Fitzgerald's care
Source: ListVerse

ED SHEERAN AND COURTNEY COX Introducted by a mutual friend, Sheeran lived with Cox for three months while he was recording an album. He also supposedl
Source: Cosmo

PAT BUCHANAN AND HUNTER S. THOMPSON The unlikely pair met when Thompson covered Nixon's 1972 campaign. Thompson hated Nixon but got along with his con
Source: Mental Floss

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