17 Historical Facts That Are False

History class taught us some lies.
17 Historical Facts That Are False

Did you know that Jewish enslaved people did not build the pyramids? According to Amihai Mazar, a senior lecturer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the above popular myth is based on remarks founded by former Israeli P.M Menachem Begin while touring Egypt in 1977. Archaeological discoveries show that Egyptians themselves built the pyramids.

Vikings wore no horned helmets. There is no proof of horned helmets in archeological evidence. According to historiansl, most Viking soldiers went bare-headed but usually wore headgear. This famous, albeit untrue, picture of burly men sauntering into war with horns originated in the 1800s, once Swedish painter Gustav Malmströmstems used it in his work. Garments with horned helmets were also used in a few of Wagner's operas.

So, kids, pay attention: do not believe  everything your history professor tells you. Many widely held history "facts" are false. Keep on reading for more reasons to interrupt your teacher in class.

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