What The Hell Is Up With Blood Falls?

What The Hell Is Up With Blood Falls?

Blood is completely natural... unless it's gushing out of a glacier in the middle of Antarctica. When it was first discovered in 1911, I'm sure geologist Griffith Taylor was unnerved at the site. Read more about what the hell is going on with this weird formation below.

Fortunately, it's not Mother Nature's period, but extremely salty, iron-rich water that gives the water its freaky color. CRACKED

Millions of years ago, glaciers formed on top of a very salty lake, cutting it off from the atmosphere and the rest of the continent. -sandstone -dolo

The glacier has sealed off the body of water, making it a water time capsule. The microbes isolated in the water have evolved independently from the r

A fissure in the glacier allows water to flow out without contaminating the subglacial ecosystem below.

For this reason, this weird waterfall is a scientific wet dream. It proves life can exist in extreme environments even with no sunlight, no oxygen, an

Really makes you wonder where else life can exist... CRACKED.COM
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