There are a lot of important things to keep track of, right now, and it's good to stay focused on the truly meaningful stuff. But the brain wants what the brain wants -- shiny nuggets of interestingness to keep it fed and happy. We're here for your brain with a sampler box of neat facts we've culled this week.

Facts like ...

Goats are totally immune to poison ivy, oak, and sumac. They can eat up to several pounds per day. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM
Source: NPR

Since 2007, all McDonalds' fleet trucks in the U.K. have been fueled with cooking oil from their restaurants. M WE RECYCLE RLLDURUSED BIGOIESeL COOKIN
Source: Edie News

A fan drove three hours to bring rapper Boosie Badazz some uch-needed insulin to his home. 5,000 oVE $23000.000 IN CASNER PEIZES TR#E 3s00 S 8 S PRIzE
Source: Revolt

A blind woman flying United Airlines was assured by the flight crew they would help her exit the plane. Instead, they forgot her, left, and locked up
Source: CBC

The 'Shirts VS. Blouses' with Prince that Charlie Murphy described on the Chappelle's Show actually happened. According to guitarist Micki Free, Princ
Source: Esquire

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