12 Movie And General Now-You-Know Facts

There's something super satisfying about learning cool new facts. Maybe it triggers endorphins, or something. (Ed Note: Be sure to look that up and find out.) Anyway, whatever the reason, we're always running across cool knowledge, and the least we can do is share it so everyone can have a good brain day.

Please enjoy the following:


Friends continues to generate massive revenue. The show earns $1 billion/y year for Warner Bros., which translates into $20 million annually for cast Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet


Yale students pranked Harvard by handing out 800 placards at a football game. Instead of spelling Go Harvard they said We Suck. NOW YOU KNOW Source: Theboola


The New York Post was founded by Alexander Hamilton & was a respected publication. CWLUNNLUDI HEADLESS BODY IN TOPLESS BAR Gunmon forees woman te decaSource: The Hollywood Reporter


McDonald's did away with their miniature spoon coffee stirrers because they were used to do cocaine. Medonald PERE SUGAR M McDonald's S to an TUTE In Source: Snopes


A skeleton found in a Cheddar, U.K. cave has a relative living half a mile away. The person teaches history & is nearly 300 generations removed. NOW YSource: The Independent


Wasps use complex chemical signals called alarm pheromones to defend their colonies. Intruders are sprayed and thus 'marked,' rousing the colony & cooSource: Phys.org


During the Flint, MI water crisis, General Motors stopped using city water at their plant. FLINT WATER PLANT High levels of chlorine were corroding enSource: The New York Times


Ernie Hudson auditioned for the same part in The REAL Ghostbusters animated series that he played in the movie. Producers felt he didn't sound enough Source: CBR


A True Story, the first sci-fi novel, was written in Greek during the 2nd century CE. AOKLANOR AA'ATA. LVCIANI SAMOSATENSIS pera, Tmequdemexant omnit,Source: Project Gutenberg


A Florida man cut open his truck when he heard purring inside. He found a kitten. The kitten was adopted & people offered to help pay for his truck reSource: CNN


The term 'caucasian' originally described skull traits, not exclusively white skin color. Skin colors ranged from white-skinned to dark brown. NOW YOUSource: British Medical Journal


Emilia Clarke has suffered two brain aneurysms. 5 Her charity, Same provides treatment for stroke & brain injury patients. NOW YOU KNOW Source: The New Yorker


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12 Boss Movie & General 'Now You Know' Facts