Adult Swim’s Goofball Marketing Stunt That Caused A City-Wide Bomb Scare

We are sorry in the most sarcastic sense of the word.
Adult Swim’s Goofball Marketing Stunt That Caused A City-Wide Bomb Scare
Aqua Teen Hunger Force was the king of Adult Swim for a decade and a half.

The show was born out of goofball antics - a rough cut of the pilot aired, unannounced, before Adult Swim even technically existed - and to goofball antics it would return again and again. Most notoriously, the guerrilla marketing campaign that caused a city-wide panic:
Not one person on the scene recognized it as a Mooninite: Those pissed-off pixelated moon people from Aqua Teen Hunger Force: CRACKED.COM
They were popping up all over the country. But only the Boston police responded as if they were under attack from a Batman villain. CRACKED.COM
The bomb squad actually detonated the first device. BREAKING NEWS ANOTHER DEVICE FOUND AT FENWAY PARK 300 6:03 As reports: of more Mooninites came in;
In reality, it was a guerrilla marketing campaign for the new ATHF movie. LGTA TEEX MUNGER OCE couox MOVE PILAM O THOLATECIES Cartoon. Network's marke
It took a young staffer at the mayor's office to point out that maybe this wasn't a national security threat. SUSPICIOUS DEVICES Sullivan Square Longf
Zebbler was only contracted for $300, by the way But think of the exposure! Actually, in a happy twist, Zebbler later won a huge contract from the cit
The next year, ATHF wrote and produced an episode lampooning the whole ordeal. Turner nixed it becauise the bomb scare had cost them millions of dolla
In the end, Turner owed $2 million to the city of Boston. BREAKING NEWS TURNER BROADCASTING ADMITS HOAX WAS PART OF A CARTOON PROMOTION The film's bud


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