The Legend Of Super Mario 128

You've probably played this game; you just didn't know it.
The Legend Of Super Mario 128
Super Mario 128 is the fabled follow-up to Super Mario 64. Get it? 64 x 2 = 128

It was Nintendo's most-hyped game in the lead-up to the launch of the GameCube, but it never quite materialized... or did it?? If you look at elements from the game's groundbreaking demo, and follow the breadcrumb trail of Shigeru Miyamoto interviews, you might just draw the conclusion that you've played this game.

Here's the story of the most influential Mario game that doesn't quite exist:
It was designed to show off the processing power and capacity for new mechanics that Nintendo fans could look forward to with the 2001 release of the
The classic 8-bit Mario sprite turns 3D, and lays against a flat disc. 18 Each 3D pixel turns into an independent Mario, until there are 128 of them.
The terrain begins to morph. The Marios fight for purchase on the shifting peaks and valleys, before being hurled into the air like ingredients on a h
At this point, reality breaks down entirely. The world becomes a pizza. The pizza turns impossibly conical, and sends every last Mario screaming into
The demo was a huge hit, and for years, the press hounded Shigeru Miyamoto about Super Mario 128. But it was such an ambitious undertaking that he was
Eventually, he announced: The one question I'm always asked is, 'What happened to Mario 128?' Most of you already played it 3C D While a game by tha
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So, that's kind of cool: even if you've never chucked scores of Marios off a conical pizza pie, you've probably sampled the powerful gameplay promised


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