Barely Recognizable First Drafts Of Iconic Cartoon Characters

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Barely Recognizable First Drafts Of Iconic Cartoon Characters
Not every animated series is gonna see Rick and Morty success right out of the gate. Sometimes a studio just needs something quick - maybe there's a fad they have to cash in on, or they've just been informed that their most popular franchise is super racist.

A lot of these stopgap characters don't last long. But the ones that become iconic will inevitably go through a ton of changes.
Fred Flintstone 1960 NOW Fred Flagstone, Has since up his a hillbilly Ralph cleaned Kramden act; sells knockoff and vitamins Big Tobacco instead of sh
HE MAN 1982 NOW A toy in search After hiring of a plot In an comic book attempt to writers to flesh compete with out a plot, Star Wars toy He-Man has
Bart Sirpson 1987 NOW An Eddie World's oldest Haskell ripoff 10-year-old. King developed 10 of the edgy minutes before catchphrase, the a pitch meetin
Arthur TM 1976 NOW Protagonist of Your average Arthur's Nose, a 3rd-grade children's book humanoid about aardvark, with an consulting exceptionally a
BETTY BOOP 1930 NOW Originally a Her dog ears sexy dog, she turned into was developed earrings, and she the girlfriend became fully as to the wildly h
Alvin (and the Chipmunks) 1959 NOW DAV Ch Cover art for a Nickelodeon's novelty album high-def wherein some karaoke fever guy harmonizes dream. with h
MICHELANGELO 1984 NOW One of four A doodle of a ultra-popular, wrinkly, ultra-ripped teen nunchuck-wielding heroes. Appears that was in comics, eventu
Bugs Bunny 1938 NOW Happy Rabbit, Bugs Bunny, a temporary studio icon who guest on Porky holds the Pig's wildly Guinness Record popular show, for Most
KENNY 1992 NOW In the short Cursed with Jesus VS. Frosty, immortality. His it's actually the outfit and traits Cartman- were inspired by looking dude
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