The Tragic Story Behind LFO, The 90s Group Who Sang 'Summer Girls'

The Tragic Story Behind LFO, The 90s Group Who Sang 'Summer Girls'

LFO was one of many boy bands in the late 90s. In 1999, you couldn't say the words "Abercrombie and Fitch" (and you would say it all the time) without getting their infectious song stuck in your head.

What happened to the boys who liked girls who wore Abercrombie and Fitch? Find out below.

P C CL BE I jelt SUMMER GIRLS If you're a millennial, you probably remember LFO's radio earworm as the Abercrombie and Fitch song. Officially titled

And it alll began You're the best girl That I ever did see The great Larry Byrd, jersey When you take a sip You buzz like a hornet Billy Shakespeare w

The boy band LFO was comprised of three guys: Devin Rich Cronin, Lima the songwriter Brad Fischetti FYILFO LFO was an unfortunate name, but it actuall

TWO-HIT WONDERS LFO had an another Billboard Top 10 song called Girl on TV. The music video featured Jennifer Love Hewitt, who Rich Cronin supposedl

POST-HITS LFO had another minor hit, Every Other Time. The Jonas Brothers even recorded a censored version of LFO'S song 6 Minutes. LFO split up i

some who are well n 2 the 2nd trimester. Prayers 4 these girls please. Brad Fischetti abradfischetti 2 May The abortionist just arived. Look him up on

END OF SUMMER Damn, if the I like girls who wear Abercrombie song can't bring us brief relief from considering our mortality, then what can? CRACKED


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