Now You Know: 12 Mega-Facts For Your Edification

Random, interesting things we just found out.
Now You Know: 12 Mega-Facts For Your Edification

A solid understanding of knowledge editing is essential for success in a variety of fields. Whenever it concerns your work, economic and medical well-being, self-growth, as well as relations, having a firm foundation of common public knowledge would benefit you well.

A person's thirst for knowledge is important for a variety of reasons, and can result in some upsides including winning over future employers in a hiring process, keeping up with current eventsr, and merely knowing enough to participate in a lively discussion with your friends.

You never know when you'll be in a scenario where you'll need the command of an inventory of interesting facts. At Cracked, we're all about providing excellent customer service, so we've compiled a list of amusing facts to cram into your head in the event of a conversational pause. Plus, it's just plain entertaining to discover new things.

So take a glance and see what we have collected for you. This will work as a brainy dose and will be chocolate to your knowledge factory.

Pink Floyd's name comes from two American blues musicians. Syd Barrett had records by Pink Anderson & Floyd Council in his collection. NOW YOU KNOW
Source: Mason, Nick (2005) . Dodd, Philip (ed.). Inside Out: A Personal History of Pink Floyd
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