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You never know when you'll be in a scenario where you'll need the command of an inventory of interesting facts. At Cracked, we're all about providing excellent customer service, so we've compiled a list of amusing facts to cram into your head in the event of a conversational pause. Plus, it's just plain entertaining to discover new things.

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Pink Floyd's name comes from two American blues musicians. Syd Barrett had records by Pink Anderson & Floyd Council in his collection. NOW YOU KNOW
Source: Mason, Nick (2005) . Dodd, Philip (ed.). Inside Out: A Personal History of Pink Floyd

Joseph's Stalin's physician was not available as he lay dying. Because he was being tortured by the KGB for suggesting the Soviet leader required more
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Kevin Smith attended a protest for his own movie, Dogma. When an unwitting reporter asked for a comment, Smith said, I don't know, but I've been told
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Fidel Castro was obsessed with ice cream, and once ate 18 scoops in one sitting. He even opened his own ice cream parlor. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKEDGOM
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