Everyone loves a good plot hole -- some dangling, unanswered question that clearly the creative types didn't notice and left hanging like a bunch of dummies. And that's great. But sometimes those supposed danglers aren't dangling at all. The answer is on the cutting room floor in a deleted scene, or in the book, or in an author interview.

Unfortunately, sometimes they're also kinda stupid.

WHY DO MARTY & DOC HAng OUT? Ag BREAKING & entering. Co-creator Bob Gale explains that Marty McFly was curious about this weird crackpot Doc Brown, an

HOW DO THE WEASLEYS PAY FOR SCHOOL? A! (not pictured: Bill and Charlie) IT'S FREE. According to J.K. Rowling, the Ministry of Magic covers Hogwarts tu

WTF IS Up WITH KYLO'S LIGHTSABER? A ITS CRYSTAL IS CRACKED. The quillions are ridiculous and impractical, but they've been explained. Apparently forme

WHO HEARD KAne SAY ROSeBUD? THE BUTLER. It's a well-known plot hole that Citizen Kane's cryptic last word would have gone utterly unheard, because h

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So IS DECKARD A REPLICANT OR WHAT? BIGTImE. There's a scene in the Director's Cut of the original Blade Runner where Deckard dreams about a unicorn, t

SERIOUsLy, WTF, PAN'S LABYRINTH? Ag IT'S not REAL. Guillermo Del Toro says the faun and the mandrake aren't real in the literal sense. It's a spiritu

ARE TOLKIEN DWARVES oicIr GGC RACIST? Pbp A: 100 PERCENT. I didn't intend it, but ... the dwarves of course are quite obviously- wouldn't you say tha

DID QUAID ACTUALLY GO TO MARs? Ag NO. In the DVD audio commentary for the 1990 Total Recall, director Paul Verhoven confirms that everything that happ

HOW DOES HULK KeeP HIS PANTS on? A: super STRETCH. Stan Lee explained that Mr. Fantastic hooked Bruce Banner up with some super-stretchy elastic pants

SO, DID THE BIRDS Just... STOP? Ag NOPE. Alfred Hitchcock had additional scenes planned, with Mitch and Melanie on the run and finding birds wherever

WTF IS Up WITH THE DUDe in THE DOG SUT? IT'S SADDER THAN IT LOOKS. According to the book, his name is Roger, and the dude he's with is Horace Derwent,

HOW DID TRAVIS BICKLE PULL OFF THE HEROICS? HE DIDN'T. The end of Taxi Driver has him saving the girl and becoming a New York hero. But according to w

were THOSE ALIens AT THE end OF A.1.? Ag NOPE. According to director Stephen Spielberg, the somewhat baffling beings who show up at the end of the mov

WHY DO THE engineers HATE HumAns? Jesus. Ridley Scott says the Prometheus engineers sent an emissary to Earth, and that emissary was killed. He says t
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