More Dinosaurs That Will Haunt Your Dreams

More Dinosaurs That Will Haunt Your Dreams
Recently, we brought to your attention a bizarre dinosaur illustration that bore a striking resemblance to Larry David. It's a piece of speculative evolution from paleontologist Dougal Dixon, and we thought his fascinating book, The New Dinosaurs, warranted a deeper dive.

Dixon wanted to pick up where evolution left off when that pesky asteroid hit. He imagined how dinosaurs would have adapted over the millennia, and how they would interact with the geography of the modern world. Then he had a team of illustrators conjure these nightmare birds into our plane, and we can never forgive him for that.

Here are a few more of his abominations:

More Ugly Hell Dinosaurs From The World's Most Deranged Book Of Speculative Evolution THE NEW DINOSAURS AN ALTERNATIVE EVOLUTION DOUGAL DIXON MORRIS B

The Watergulp is a rock-munching swamp submarine with hindparts sO filthy, they actually sustain life. watergulp also supports a large colony of paras

The Springe evolved to look and smell like roadkill sO that it could hunt by playing dead. A The hunting strategy of the springe is one of ambush. It

The Rajaphant stomps around with a gut full of rOCkS it totally meant to swallow. but not strong enough tO chew it. The grass is swallowed in vaSt qua

The Flurrit: screeching murder stork of the rainforest They can't fly so much as fall with aplomb. flurrit, although not allowing it tO fly aS 3 ptero

The Wandle: Big Bird's horrid grandmother. evolved in total isolation. They are low in intelligence, are not adapted in any way for defence against pr

Bone-headed... pugnacious... never migrated and barely evolved... gorge supports its own wildlife The most typical animal is the numbskull. one of the


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