Ways The Film Industry Will Likely Change

Hang onto your popcorn. Movies are about to get way different.
Ways The Film Industry Will Likely Change

Change is inevitable, and right now with the world swept by a villainous virus, we have no choice but to adapt. That goes for the film industry, too, but just how will things change exactly? Will big action movies go on hiatus until we've eradicated COVID-19 completely? Will Tom Hanks who's a national treasure and must be protected at all costs ever be in a movie again? All we can do is speculate.

Here is a list of some speculations:

Prepare to see many, many VIRUS-THeMED movies and shows hit our channels. OUREHELL SANITIRER MAN It shouldn't be surprising, but we're warning you any
We'll likely see a lot more VIRTUAL PRODUCTIONS. Matching live action images with computer images is nothing new, but we might see virtual production
The time period between a movie's theatrical and digital release might SHRINK SIGNIFICANTLY. It's already happening. Two weeks after Pixar released On
We might be seeing the comeback of MID-BUDGET MOVIES. Mid-budget films cost somewhere between $25 and $70 million and are mostly original content for
We might see more Netflix movies on THE BIG SCREEN (eventually). DOLEMITE IS MY NAME Because Netflix wants their movies to only have a limited release
Drive-ins are doing better than usual right now, but don't expect them to becomE THE new norm. Drive-ins are making significantly more money at the mo
Blockbusters might just save Movie THEATERS. Releasing big blockbuster films like Disney's Black Widow (November 2020) and Universal's F9 (2021) strai
Location shoots might become focused on areas noT cONTAMINATeD BY THE VIRUS. Filming on soundstages and interiors will most likely be preferable, sinc
Cast and crews might be quarantined together for an entire PRODUCTION. OUARANTIN RANIINE QUARANTINE QUA RA AAN RAN Some experts have speculated that i
Shoots will most likely take longer, and come with MEDICAL PERSONNEL. Even if cast and crew are held in quarantine, regular scheduled temperature chec
Visual effects could replace EXTRAS And BACKGROUND ACTORS. The British Film Commission has already drafted safety protocols that include replacing ext
Set catering will be totally different. NO MORE BUFFETS. And no more sitting together sharing meals. Producer Tyler Perry, who wants to resume product
No new epic or big scene movie will be filmed for a while, PROBABLY UnTIl We HAVE A VACCINE. Because insurance companies are refusing to cover any f
Release dates for big action films might greatly depend on the health status of other countries, especially in ASIA And EUROPE. Everyone knows about t
Movie theaters are already capping ticket sales TO PREVENT OVERCROWDING. ERE The idea is for theaters to cap their allowed attendance at 50%, with mov
Many film festivals are going online, and it might result in more STREAMING SeRvIces. Big festivals might survive postponements, but smaller ones won'
Horror movies might BE A SUre BET right now. Not only has the genre been doing well in recent years, but good horror movies can easily be made on a sm
If you had any doubt that Disney wouldn't come out on top, DOUBT no MORe. Disney PIXAR MARVEL STAR WARS Originals NOELLE MANDALORIAM ENCORE! SCHOOL MU
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