It turns out the same plague that has made the 2020’s such a bummer has also produced some laughs. True: we couldn't meet up with our buddies in reality to have a good time over drinks. That said, public figures making unintentional fools of themselves provided many of the greatest moments in an awesomely unfunny era. This time, more than any other, was one in which everyone could use a good laugh.

Here are a few amusing and factual events that occurred during this time of plague and uncertainty. As they say, something about clouds and silver linings…

The most beautiful experiences last a lifetime, despite (or because of?) our fleeting time on this ol’ spinning rock. Even as our circumstances change, the priceless memories will remain with us forever. Thankfully, that includes jokes and politicians sticking their feet in their mouths. So strap in, limber up your scrollin' finger, and prepare to dive into this excellent content custom made to chase your blues away.

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