We all like to use smart-sounding generalizations to prove a point, usually emphasized with some statement like "I just read an article about ..." or "No way, bro, this is totally true."

But all bullshit is uncovered in the face of unwavering numbers. Our readers have debunked some popular stereotypes with cold, hard stats and we gave cash to the winner ...

Entry by kriz2391

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Entry by Gerbster

New York, Chicago and L.A. are the most likely places you will get, JACKED. WRONG! According to the U.S. Census, these cities didn't even make the t

Entry by PapaThrust

Africa is the entirely desolate backwater dark continent, where the population struggles to survive in primitive conditions without modern amenities.

Entry by John E.

Lazy BMexian Mexico tops the OECD reports for working the longest days with more than 10 hours a day on average.

Entry by CZM

THOSE STINGY JEWS! According to data on philanthropy in the US, Jews are more likely to give to charity, give greater amounts when they do, and give a

Entry by missdemeanor

Millennials rare jJust aseles's CRACREDCOM hipsters Iiving off the generosity of Mom and Dad... Because they're carrying about twice the debt their pa

Entry by Paika

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