20 Famous Stereotypes That Are Statistically B.S.

All B.S. is uncovered in the face of unwavering numbers.
20 Famous Stereotypes That Are Statistically B.S.

We all like to use smart-sounding generalizations to prove a point, usually emphasized with some statement like "I just read an article about ..." or "No way, bro, this is totally true."

But all bullshit is uncovered in the face of unwavering numbers. Our readers have debunked some popular stereotypes with cold, hard stats and we gave cash to the winner ...

CRACKED COM Mexico is just another peaceful country and Afghanistan a war zone, yet the first six years of drug war in Mexico resulted in three times
CRACKEDO Around one-third of American households own a gun down from approximately one-half in the 1970s. Gun-related homicide is also declining in th
CRACKED COM MYTHO DEBUNKED! HTARS than talkative voice more a be woe and to who days, assumed for Several roughly participants spoke generally sounds
Don't Hassel Germans about the Hoff. His single and album Looking for Freedom were wildly popular in Germany when the Berlin Wall came down, but he
New York, Chicago and L.A. are the most likely places you will get, JACKED. WRONG! According to the U.S. Census, these cities didn't even make the t
Average number of decayed,mssing or filled teeth in a 12 year old Selected countries, 2006* 0 1 2 3 Poland Hungary Czech Republic South Korea Greece T
CRACKED.CO twenties. killer is white, male, mid-to-late The typical serial CRIE SDE)E DD )V) LIDED W Or maybe not. According to statistics less than 1
Africa is the entirely desolate backwater dark continent, where the population struggles to survive in primitive conditions without modern amenities.
Americans ignore the rest of the world (as only one in 10 have a passport). ice Monse Haads Bussln Mob 51st Partme State Wine. Spsoheme NIke Oil Facto
Muslim Americans are sympathetic toextremists and terrorism. on TART EDA As more young Muslir men corne of age in a postmnodem Arnerica, the problemn
Lazy BMexian Mexico tops the OECD reports for working the longest days with more than 10 hours a day on average.
CRACKED.COM This is Borat's Kazakhstan Actually filmed in Romania The real Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world (larger than Western Eur
THOSE STINGY JEWS! According to data on philanthropy in the US, Jews are more likely to give to charity, give greater amounts when they do, and give a
Millennials rare jJust aseles's CRACREDCOM hipsters Iiving off the generosity of Mom and Dad... Because they're carrying about twice the debt their pa
DUMB JOCKS? Unlikely. For a recent study, two University of Kansas researchers, Angela Lumpkin and Rebecca Achen, looked at graduation rates of high s
Everybody's afraid of pitbulls, but the dog with the most aggressive tendencies is actually the Dachshund. CRACKEDCON
Tail Setting Horn Hook Forehead Neck Bone Back Withers Face Pin Nostril Bones Loin Thurf Crops Heart l Jaw Tail Rear Girth Muzzle Flank Throat Rear Ma
I'm majoring in Liberal Arts because I never want a job! Liberal Arts Inc. A 2013 study found that Liberal Arts majors who had recently graduated ha
If drinking were an DRINKING TEAM olympic sport, the Irish RISH wouldn't come close to winning a medal. According to the World Health Organization, th

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