Pop Culture Which Nailed It Without Even Trying

Pop Culture Which Nailed It Without Even Trying

Hard work, practice, patience... Those are all nice things, but occasionally laziness and dumb luck will do just as well. Part of the magic of making art is embracing these happy accidents, reaping all the rewards, and then chuckle and chuckle about it later. Just ask the creators of these pop culture staples. They all knocked it out of the park when they weren't even swinging for the ball. No, really, they were trying to swat a fly who had been annoying everyone all day long, and they ended up hitting a walk-off home run.

Now, we're not saying you should go ahead and publish your first draft. Really, get some readers you trust, revise, revise, revise, and pray. Or who know knows? Maybe we're the idiots. It's not like any of our typo-ridden drafts have made it past the slush pile. But then again, publishing their first drafts totally worked for these people, so who's to say.

Anthony Daniels was hired to play C-3PO only physically. A bunch of actors auditioned to voice the droid - until one pointed out that Daniels was doin

ICRACKEDCON Lily Tomlin was going to voice Edna Mode in The Incredibles. When she heard director Brad Bird's provisional recording as the character, s

CRACKEDC COM Hugh Ross, the narrator The narration in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford was recorded by an edition assistant

CRACKED C COM Guybrush Threepwood was called the guy during the development of The Secret of Monkey Island. He got his name when an artist saved a b

Alan Menken created the music to Be Our Guest as a low-effort dummy for Howard Ashman to write the lyrics while he composed something better. Then he

ICRACKEDCOMI Richard Karn's Al Borland in Home Improvement was a temporary replacement for a character named Glen, as the actor wasn't available to sh

Animator Mark Walton recorded Rhino temporary vocals for in Bolt The directors liked it, particularly his high-pitched laugh- -SO they gave him the pa

CRACKEDGOM TheDAS was an acronym for The Dragon Age Setting, used in BioWare's Then forums while they someone came up with proposed a good name for

CRACKED CO COM Madagascar's co-director Tom McGrath was doing a great Robert Stack impersonation for Skipper while they secured the actual Stack. When

Stanley Kubrick had commissioned a soundtrack for 2001 A Space Odyssey In the end, however, he chose to go with the public domain music he had been us

The writers of Galaxy Quest just gave Dr. Lazarus a silly catchphrase, planning to replace it later. They didn't, as the words By Grabthar's Hammer

Kirby CRAGKEDCOM was just a placeholder graphic while Kirby's Dream Land was developed. In the end, everyone thought the round blob was too adorable t
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