Important News That Got Overshadowed This Week

Important News That Got Overshadowed This Week

PSA: Be safe, stay home, and stay informed. -Ed

The news still covers the crisis pretty much 24/7, but that's not all that's happening on the planet right now. There's a bunch of other things you probably missed, that you should know about either because they're pretty important or because they're absolutely hilarious.

For example:

WE RE-DISCOVERED 10 EXTINCT APPLE VARIETIES. It was the work of the Lost Apple Project, a non-profit group that, so far, found 23 apple varieties th
Source: CNN

THE U.S. PATENT OFFICE RULED THAT AN Al CAN'T BE AN INVENTOR. It denied applications for a food container and a flashlight invented by an AI named DAB
Source: CNN

CANADA BANNED MILITARY-GRADE ASSAULT WEAPONS. The ban on 500 types of weapons took effect immediately, but there will be a two-year amnesty for owners
Source: VICE
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