12 Weirdly-Specific Emotions That Actually Have Names

12 Weirdly-Specific Emotions That Actually Have Names

Ever have trouble putting feelings into words? It's not you. It's just that you don't know the right terms. We're here for you, with a dozen new words and phrases to expand your emotional literacy.

If you're still having trouble, yeah, it's probably you.

 ringxiety  TTS when you imagine your phone is ringing or vibrating when it's not CRACKED COM
 pronoia  the belief that people are somehow conspiring to help you out CRACKED COM
 limerence  a state of infatuation with another person, like in the beginning stage of a romantic relationship CRACKED COM
emotional contagion when one person's emotions trigger similiar emotions in other people
 doorway effect  the phenomenon of walking into a new room and forgetting what you were doing CRACKED COM
 cute aggression  when something is SO cute, you feel the urge to squeeze it, smoosh it, or eat it CRACKED COM
 formication  the false sensation of insects crawling across your skin CRACKED COM
 call of the void  the sudden urge to jump off a tall building or swerve onto oncoming traffic, despite not having self-destructive desires. From th
semantic satiation  the psychological phenomenon of repeating a word over and over until it loses meaning CRACKED COM
 dessert stomach  the phenomenon of craving a different type of food when you're already full
the collywobbles  a discomfort in the stomach caused by anxiety
latchkey incontinence Co the increased urge to urinate the closer you get to the bathroom CRACKED COM


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