12 Weirdly Impressive Things (That Only One Person Has Done)

12 Weirdly Impressive Things (That Only One Person Has Done)

We're huge fans of weird accomplishments, and also of original thinkers. So why not put them together and see what happens? We did a deep dive to find some of the most bizarre achievements ever accomplished by a single person.

We rounded up our favorites and put them in suitable frames.

Ann Hodges got clobbered by a space rock. Hodges was napping at home when a meteorite smashed through her roof and struck her in the side, leaving her

Ben Carlin went around the world in a modified jeep. It took ten years, thousands of dollars, and numerous setbacks, but Carlin drove an amphibious ve

Dr. Rodney Marks might be the only person ever murdered in Antarcticat Marks was working in Antarctica when he mysteriously fell ill and died from met

Gerald Ford became president without even running. After Spiro Agnew's resignation as Nixon's vice president, House Minority Leader Ford became the vi

Johnny Cash is the only celebrity sued for starting a raging forest fire. Cash was on a fishing trip when his camper became its own ring of fire, lead

Felix Baumgartner broke the speed of sound in freefall. ZENITH He jumped from the edge of space and hit Mach 1.24 during his 4 minute, 20 second freef

Eugene Shoemaker's ashes are on the moon. Shoemaker helped found planetary science and was instrumental in our understanding Of meteor impacts. After

Thomas Blood is the only person to ever steal and destroy the Crown Jewels. In 1671, Blood and his team pulled an elaborate long con to gain access to

Shinji Kazama has ridden a motorcycle up Mt. Everest. Kazama's passion for motorcycles has taken him to the north and south poles, the summits of Kili

Bob Fosse got an awards show hat trick in 1973. Fosse's unique choreography netted him an Emmy and a Tony, and his direction of Cabaret led to an Osca

Robert Liston killed three people in one surgery. During an amputation, Liston allegedly sliced a patient's leg, an assistant's fingers, and a spectat

Adam Rainer Was the only person with dwarfism and gigantism. 210 200 190 180 170 160 150 140 At 19 years old, adam was just shy of 3 ft 8 in. But by t
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