15 Bizarre TV Shows That Somehow Ended Up Airing

15 Bizarre TV Shows That Somehow Ended Up Airing

TV shows can feel a little formulaic sometimes.
Average family + cultural references + wacky neighbor = SITCOM.
Hot people + cool house + booze = REALITY.
Gratuitous violence + gratuitous sex = HBO.
That's why we salute the insane producers, desperate celebrities, and cynical network execs who have given us these refreshingly bizarre premises over the years.

15 Bizarre TV Shows That Somehow Ended Up Airing

My Mother the Car NBC, 1965 A man buys a used car that turns out to be his dead mother, reincarnated as a vintage 1928 Porter. Also, this guy is horny

Wonder Showzen MTV2, 2005 This was a psychological horror dressed as children's programming. D.O.G. .Who did B.GY. you exploit today? It used Sesame S

SHATTERED UK 2004 This reality show was a competition to stay awake for one full week while completing menial tasks. The final 3 contestants had to li

Mr. Smith NBC, 1983 An escaped orangutan drinks a serum at a government facility and becomes a hot shot political mastermind. CRACKED.COM

COP ROCK ABC-1990 This musical police procedural featured showstoppers like: -Quitcherbitchin lache to hear the doggie sing again -I wanna go bumpty b

Joe Millionaire Fox, 2003 Contestants on this dating show battled for the love and affection of a i-millionaire. In reality, the handsome bachelor was

Buddies ABC, 1996 After a single, wildly popular appearance on Home Improvement, Dave Chappelle and Jim Breuer were given their own series. Then produ

Kid Nation CBS-2007 Lord of the Flies meets... actually, it's just Lord of the Flies. ONANZA 40 kids between 8 and 15 spent a month trying to create a

In 1990, NBC aired a single episode of a show called WHERE'S RODNEY wherein a troubled teen magically summoned Rodney Dangerfield to solve his romanti

Manimal NBC, 1983 Shapeshifting crime-fighter Dr. Jonathan Chase could turn into any animal in THE world. Although he mostly just turned into a hawk,

1.6 million Norwegians tuned in live to watch SLOWTV SALMON FISHING The prize for winning this salmon fishing competition was a pair of weird sunglass

The Swan FOX, 2004 This perverse ugly duckling allegory gave reality show contestants extreme plastic surgerY. That, and a lifetime of body dysmorphia

Qh MyyGhost South Korea, 2015 A virgin ghost inhabits a woman's body, and makes her f*k her boss.

Heil Honey I'm Home! UK, 1990 heil honey O'm tfome Like I Love Lucy, if Ricky actively tried to murder Fred and Ethel.

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