17 Clever Design Features (Hidden) On Everyday Stuff

Turns out the cleverness was inside the house, the whole time.
17 Clever Design Features (Hidden) On Everyday Stuff

Life moves fast, and don't you know it. Most of us can barely keep up. We blast through each day, just trying to keep ahead of the game as much as possible, and the game never takes a break.

Warping along through life doesn't offer much in the way of time to really examine life. And that's too bad. You might not miss the big picture stuff, we all know how important it is to remember birthdays - but it's the small stuff that sometimes escapes us. And often the small stuff is where the gold's at. 

So yeah, we get it. It's easy to take everyday things at face value. Spoons are made for scooping, and earphones are made for getting lost a third time, probably. Look closely, however, and you'll find that seemingly straightforward products might just contain a hidden design feature you never knew about. We’ve taken the time – take a break and have a look for yourself. 

What's that little thing on your backpack buckle that looks like a whistle? It is, in fact, a whistle. Many backpacks, especially those made for hikin
Why do escalators have those weird bristles on the sides? It keeps our feet away from the step gap. Called Escalator Skirt Deflector Brushes, those
Why do some sidewalks have those colored bumps? To help people who are visually impaired. Called tactile pavement, these blocks warn people when the
What are those tabs on the sides of foil and plastic wrap boxes? n8Wrap GLAD a aWrap Reynolds Wrop TUSTID SINCE 114 Press Here to Lock Roll Pusk To 25
Why do LEGO heads have holes in them? In case they end up in someone's windpipe. Lego added the feature in case toddler a (or you, nobody's perfect) s
Why are most public toilet seats U-shaped? It's more hygenic. The -shape creates more room to make sure your, er, bits are less likely to touch the se
Why do some airplanes have tray tables with hooks on them? SEAT BELT WHILE SEATED FASTEN For you to hang your coat on (or anything else). Manufacturer
Struggling to clean your toaster? Check the bottom. It might have a cleaning tray you can slide out. Many toasters come with a crumb tray that makes i
Why is there a hole in the middleofs spaghetti spoons? To measurea single serving Jofspagheti. While most people thought it was nothing more than a dr
Why do coffee bags have those weird holes in them? MOCKUP MOCKUP COFFEE BAG COFFEE BAG 1607M5h AETWEYTHI NEIAEGHE16AII The holes help release carbon d
What is that tab under your manual rearview mirror? It can dim the reflection when you're driving at night. The tab (or switch) can move up and down,
Why is the number 57 placed where the neck narrows on a Heinz bottle? 57 HEINZ 1869 ESTP ESTP When you tap the number, the ketchup flows out easier.
Why do EarPods have all those extra holes? They create a vacuum in your ear to improve sound quality The holes help seal your ear canal and keep the E
Why do some mugs have dents on the bottom? To prevent water from damming up. Called drainage gates, these dents drain water when the mugs are upside d
What's that little arrow on your fuel gauge indicator? F I1 40 It shows you which side of the car your gas cap is on. At one point, this magical featu
Why is brass the popular choice fordoorknobs? 00O Because ofits antibacterial properties. While bacteria can survive on stainless steel for weeks, bra

Top Image: Matej Kastelic/Shutterstock

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