Awesome Survival Tips For Wildly Unlikely Scenarios

Here's how to watch suspense without panicking.
Awesome Survival Tips For Wildly Unlikely Scenarios

Hollywood has a way of drawing you in, and just like that you're projecting yourself into a completely implausible scenario that will never, ever occur during your lifetime. But it's still pretty stressful, right?

Well, now you can imagine how you will totally survive those situations like the badass of your daydreams. And watch those movies and shows stress-free.

So you're stranded on a deserted island: 1. Collect rainwater with any containers you can find. 2. Eat only familiar plants, or use a sharpened stick
So someone has dropped a nuclear bomb: 1. You'll have some warning. Get to shelter. 2. Find the lowest, most interior room in a building like a closet
So volcano is a suddenly erupting in your neighborhood: 1. Seek shelter and close all windows. 2. Bring in all animals. 3. Turn off air conditioners,
So you've fallen through the ice: 1. Spread your arms but don't claw at the ice or it will break. 2. Kick your legs until you're horizontal. 3. Stay o
So you've been swallowed by a whale: 1. It will be dark AF. If you have anything that lights up you will want to turn it on now. 2. If you were swallo
So someone has detonated an EMP: 1. Store as much clean water as humanly possible. 2. Spend all your cash on survival gear as fast as you can. Cash is
So you're in a literal minefield: 1. Look for existing footprints or tire marks, and follow them. LAND MINES 2. Use a stick to check the ground, by po
So your chairlift is breaking: 1. Ditch any weight, like skis or snowboards. 2. Keep your gloves. 3. Pull up onto the cable, first with hands, then wi
So there's been an outbreak of the plague: 1. Keep as far away from rodents as you can. 2. Shave your head. Fleas carry the plague, and fleas stay awa
So you're in a home invasion: 1. Quietly get to a window. 2. Check for danger outside. 3. Have one adult go out first. 4. Pass any kids through the wi
So your boat has capsized: 1. Find something buoyant. Even water bottles stuffed in your shirt could help. 2. Watch for and don't cut any tethers and
So you're fighting someone twice your size: 1. Keep your arms by your face, fists clenched. 2. Throw the first punch. 3. Keep moving, so you're harder
So you're in a free-falling elevator: 1. Don't jump, it's pointless. 2. Stack any belongings you have on the floor, and stand on them. 3. Spread your
So you're falling off a building: 1. Look for anything possible to break your fall. 2. Aim for something soft. Do NOT aim for water. 3. Try your best
So you're fighting an alligator: 1. Hit the nose. 2. Gouge the eyes. 3. Now sprint away as fast as you can. Alligators are fast.
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