Historical Facts Left Out Of The Textbooks

Historical Facts Left Out Of The Textbooks

We usually learn our history from Very Serious Teachers reading Very Serious Textbooks, and it all seems pretty dry, and, well, serious. What those Very Serious People fail to realize is that the weird, unmentionable details are always the most interesting and hilarious. Someone should tell those Very Serious Teachers that their Very Serious Textbooks are causing a Very Serious Problem when it comes to a person's relationship with history that could affect them as an adult.

Luckily, we at Cracked are anything but Very Serious. While we aren't the brightest of bulbs, we at least know enough to share that Stalin stole Mao's poop, the Challenger explosion wreckage including millions of dollars worth of cocaine, and that the Germans used porn to teach WWII tank operators. You know, school stuff.

Who knows, you may have even gotten better grades in school if you'd been taught some of these very real facts:

At Mao and Stalin's first meeting, the USSR stole Mao's poop. On Stalin's personal orders, the sewage pipes in the house where the two met were rerout

The first man returning from space was met by potato farmers. In 1961, Yuri Gagarin parachuted from his space capsule down to the village of Saratov,

The U.S. was still paying a Civil War pension in 2016. Irene Triplett in 2016 The sum was $73.13 per month, paid to one Irene Triplett (b. 1929), the

Hurricane Katrina flung over a thousand coffins all around New Orleans. EveN worse, many were ripped open, which scattered the remains inside. A lot o

King George V's time of death wAs chosen for its PR value. When George lay dying in 1936, the royal family wanted the morning journals, not the lower-

The team searching for the Challenger's wreckage found cocaine worth millions. Experts spent nine weeks scanning 420 square miles of ocean with sonar.

In WWI, a random Russian got kidnapped by his own country's peace negotiators. The team negotiating Russia's withdrawal from WWI planed to bring a pea

A WWII submarine had a reindeer onboard for six weeks. The British sub HMS Trident carried Pollyanna the reindeer, a personal gift from a Soviet admir

WWII landmines are being dug up, and reused, by ISIS. Because the Sahara's dry, hot climate is great for preserving things, plenty of the 17 milliom l

In WWI and WWII, a French village mourned a latrine. During WWI, the villagers of Bourg, France, where general Patton ran a tank school, thought a sea

During the French Revolution, they caught Louis XVI because his GNAT face was on money. BRE 1 ES DES NAT HI.ROI S ASSIONATS par le decr vril 1790, san

On the Manhattan Project, safety standards basically didn't exist. In a key experiment, the plutonium was contained by one technician holding a screwd

In WWI, two enemy captains just decided not to fight. SS Gwendolen, the British ship The captain of the British ship and the German ship patrolling Af

A rare genetic condition probably stoked the Hatfield-McCoy feud. Several descendants of the Coys were found to have yon Hippel-Lindau disease, which

The first African American presidential secretary wAS announced on a game show. MR. DALY Instead of letting the world know about his appointment throu

A Civil War battle stopped SO the soldiers could watch a fistfight. In the Battle of the Wilderness, a Confederate and a Union soldier hiding in the s

When the Berlin Wall fell, banana sales exploded. Ttanic Zonen -Gaby (17) im Ghick (BRD): Meine erste Banane East Germany only got mushy brown bananas

Germans trained WWII tank operators with porn. porollo: Wohltatig Ist des Wassers Macht. noortfme falls Du an Glysantin gedacht. Wasser ist ein KUhlmi

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