25 Details From History That Are Just So Gross

25 Details From History That Are Just So Gross

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Look, we know it's tempting to be sentimental, but the truth is that no matter how hard you wish you lived in a previous time period, you would have been utterly miserable (or utterly dead). We don't like to make wild claims without backing them up with facts, so here are some facts that will demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt how objectively horrifying our ancestors' lives actually were.

Entry by quxeot

ONCE UPON A TIME, PLUCKING YOUR EYEBROWS WASN'T ENOUGH. During the 15th century, high- class ladies in northern Europe painfully plucked their hairlin

Entry by Scarin

MENTAL ILLNESS WAS TREATED WITH WATER TORTURE. Psychiatric patients in the 19th century were given a treatment called hydrotherapy. They were restra

Entry by Nirgal

CRACKED co COM TIGHTLACING DEFORMED WOMEN'S BODIES. Victorian and Edwardian ladies had their corsets laced awfully tight to achieve a thin waist. The

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