Fictional characters don't spring fully-formed and market-ready from the minds of their creators. Just like real people, they have to go through an awkward growing-up phase to figure out who they are.

We have collected here for you the embarrassing adolescences of a bunch of them, brainstorm-induced acne and all:

Entry by T. S. Obiech

25 Characters Who Changed, Big-Time

Entry by jaoafallas

shrek was even uglier in early drafts. Perhaps other characters would have had less of a problem with Shrek had they seen what he didn't end up lookin

Entry by 404notfound

Minions are carefully designed sources of irritation. It was a long process to pare the Minions down to the pill-shaped memes that populate Boomer Fac

Entry by T. S. Obiech

Megamind kinda looked like Galactus. A production sketch shows the f-aware villain as looking like the devourer of worlds, rather than just having a g

Entry by bizmarky

The genie almost looked like a Jewish stereotype. Robin Williams' performance in Aladdin is peppered with Yiddish words. The original concept art was

Entry by DreadedLoon

CRACKED COM Ursula was several marine creatures. ANE Everyone's favorite sea witch was a scorpion fish and a pufferfish, among other things, before se

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