Fictional characters don't spring fully-formed and market-ready from the minds of their creators. Just like real people, they have to go through an awkward growing-up phase to figure out who they are.

We have collected here for you the embarrassing adolescences of a bunch of them, brainstorm-induced acne and all:

Entry by Truthinezz

The Animaniacs were ducks at first. The Warner siblings ANIMANIACS were conceived as cartoon ducks. This was dropped in pre- production because TV had

Entry by BEMaven

The first Frankenstein monster of the movies looked like a hunchbacked clown. In 1916, Thomas Edison produced the first movie adaptation of Frankenste

Entry by Kevin King

Sulley from Monsters, Inc. changed a lot before meeting Boo. James Sulley Sullivan was the end result of hundreds of sketches, until the right balan
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