25 Characters Who Changed, Big-Time

Well this is awkward.
25 Characters Who Changed, Big-Time

Fictional characters don't spring fully-formed and market-ready from the minds of their creators. Just like real people, they have to go through an awkward growing-up phase to figure out who they are.

We have collected here for you the embarrassing adolescences of a bunch of them, brainstorm-induced acne and all:

He-Man could have looked like the Mandalorian. X Early concepts for the mighty loincloth-weare included a half-tank dude and a Boba Fett wannabe. CRAC
Wreck-It Ralph wasn't even human. f m IW MA Mw UMW Wu W w ww Before being an adorable villain, Ralph had to evolve into a human being in the early sta
The Demogorgon underwent an otherworldly evolution. The strange thing from Stranger Things went through several stages of monstrosity before becoming
Buffy the Vampire Slayer could have been Rhonda the Immortal Waitress. Joss Whedon wanted his protagonist to be an everybody kind of person. He went
Adam Sandler was offered the part of the Bear Jew. Sandler was Quentin Tarantino's first choice to play Sgt. Donny Donowitz in Inglourious Basterds, b
25 Characters Who Changed, Big-Time
The Animaniacs were ducks at first. The Warner siblings ANIMANIACS were conceived as cartoon ducks. This was dropped in pre- production because TV had
This bat-faced guy was going to be chewbacca. This early design was recycled nearly 40 years later for a character in the animated series Star Wars Re
shrek was even uglier in early drafts. Perhaps other characters would have had less of a problem with Shrek had they seen what he didn't end up lookin
Batman wore red tights, a domino mask, and big bat wings. The character as conceived by Bob Kane was very different from the caped crusader we all kno
The Xenomorph was almost a weird chicken- lizard-crab hybrid. The titular alien in Alien is a gloriously nightmarish vision. Which is almost a miracle
An elf-goblin loafer, Yoda was. We can only imagine what Baby Yoda would look like today had they gone in this direction. CRACKED.COM
Kratos wore heavier armor. Still, the protagonist of God of War was always pretty much naked. Perhaps to impress monsters into submission with his pec
Lando was originally a clone. In an early screenplay for The Empire Strikes Back, Lando Calrissian was called Lando Kadar, and came from a family th
Minions are carefully designed sources of irritation. It was a long process to pare the Minions down to the pill-shaped memes that populate Boomer Fac
The first Frankenstein monster of the movies looked like a hunchbacked clown. In 1916, Thomas Edison produced the first movie adaptation of Frankenste
Chocobos were featherless horrors. At one point, Final Fantasy's Chocobos looked like a cross between a pterodactyl and a plucked chicken. Nothing you
Megamind kinda looked like Galactus. A production sketch shows the f-aware villain as looking like the devourer of worlds, rather than just having a g
Tell me about Bane! Why does he wear the gimp mask? Many different masks were sketched for Bane- some of which make him look like he belonged in a d
Ultron could have had six arms. The Avengers' robotic foe was a big enough problem with just two arms. Can you imagine six of them?
The genie almost looked like a Jewish stereotype. Robin Williams' performance in Aladdin is peppered with Yiddish words. The original concept art was
Lara Croft used to be Laura Cruz. The dashing archaeologist from Tomb Raider went from South American to British to make her name easier to properly
He is- Good heavens, is that Groot? Groot and Rocket were a dream team from the get-go -except that at first, the dream was a nightmare. CRACKED COM
CRACKED COM Ursula was several marine creatures. ANE Everyone's favorite sea witch was a scorpion fish and a pufferfish, among other things, before se
Sulley from Monsters, Inc. changed a lot before meeting Boo. James Sulley Sullivan was the end result of hundreds of sketches, until the right balan
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