Common Misconceptions About Huge Movies & Shows

Common Misconceptions About Huge Movies & Shows

Welcome to an item about nothing. Well, it's not actually nothing because there is a clear theme here (it's about misconceptions in movies and TV show, dah. Read the title)  and also a pretty good one but now we're just letting the fact ruin a good story. And trust us, you don't want to stick to the facts in any conversation our days. What a time to be alive. 

Anyway, people tend to associate certain movies and shows with one or two specific things. Captain Kirk had a ton of sex with alien women. George Costanza was lonely and undatable. Cracked is not what it used to be. Etc. And sometimes those people are absolutely wrong. What? we said sometimes! 

Getting things right is pretty much our jam here in, so we asked our readers to do some research and debunk the most common assumptions about popular movies and shows.

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