Celebrity Relatives Who Should Be Famous

Celebrity Relatives Who Should Be Famous

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You know that feeling you get when you can't get out from under the shadow of your show-off brother or sister, all through school? Turns out that happens in celebrity families all the time, only worse, because it lasts a lifetime.

As a public service, we've collected these celebrity relatives who are relatively unknown, but are living interesting, fame-worthy lives. And who would probably be well-known, if it weren't for their spotlight-hogging relatives.

Lupita Nyong'o's father is a hero of Kenyan liberation. Peter Nyong'o fought Kenya's tyrannical government in the 1980s, when corruption was rife and

Mark Harmon's father was a decorated World War pilot. Thomas Old 98 Harmon was a standout football player and sports broadcaster, but more important

Brad Pitt's brother helped millions gain access to water. TJAV Doug Pitt is an expert in how to effectively drill for clean water, and has worked with

Lenny Kravitz's uncle was a war hero. Leonard Kravitz (the one who didn't marry Lisa Bonet) enlisted in the Korean War at just 20. When his unit was a

Nick Kroll's father recovers dictator plunder. MOFFLY MED IWICH DIS ENV ZFNE MEDIA Filr Jules Kroll runs a detective agency that tracks misappropriate

Diana Ross' sister was the first African American woman to head a medical school. Barbara Ross-Lee pursued medicine in the '60s, attending one of the

Leslie Nielsen's brother was a Canadian political legend. Erik Nielsen represented the Yukon for three decades as their ongest-serving MP. He went on

Steven Spielberg's father revolutionized computers. Arnold Spielberg designed the GE-225, a mainframe with unprecedented processing power that helped

Carly Simon's father co-founded Simon & Schuster. Richard Simon first met Max Schuster when he was trying to sell him a piano, which led to them found

Stewart Copeland's dad helped found the CIA. POLICE Miles Copeland was an intelligence officer who, along with other notable spooks, assisted in setti

Scooter Braun's brother has founded over 150 schools. WOL OMISE S PE PR Adam Braun started out with just $25 and the dream of giving children an educa

Helena Bonham Carter's grandfather made Schindler look like a chump. Eduardo Propper de Callejon worked at the Spanish Embassy in Paris in 1940 as the
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