Famous People Who Dodged Huge (Sometimes Literal) Bullets

Famous People Who Dodged Huge (Sometimes Literal) Bullets

Famous people do seem to be on the receiving end of some amazing good luck. It’s as if they’ve been smiled upon the fates, or simply rolled the dice of life perfectly. The fact is though, sometimes good luck has a bad side. But it goes much deeper than getting that big break in movies or on TV or on the socials. Sometimes their charmed lives keep them out of the face of danger, and just by the slimmest margin.

A ton of celebrities have come super close to being victims of crimes, accidents, or other types of disasters -- some of which were even deadly. 

For example, Quincy jones very narrowly missed what would have almost been a deadly encounter with the Manson family. A strange phone call kept Michael Jackson from being in the twin towers during the september 11th attacks. And that’s not even the half of it.

Read on for more thrilling examples:

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