Pop Culture That Was Birthed From Rage

Sometimes the things you love were born in the fires of hate.
Pop Culture That Was Birthed From Rage

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Not every creative endeavor is the fruit of an artist's desire to elevate society or born out of a love for their craft. Sometimes, just as a Sith apprentice channels their hate by sculpting a macrame diorama of Baby Yoda being chased by Rancors, something beautiful emerges from anger and spite.

Here are some of the times our favorite pop culture moments were the result of delicious behind-the-scenes resentment and vengeance.

CRACKED COM Back to the Future's filmmakers got mad about a product placement deal they weren't looped in on. olikimi RAIS BTTE'S business guys negoti
A Metal Gear Solid V side quest is a dig at the publisher removing the creator's name from the game's box. D3 TAL KE EATER Erased Marking  In the
CRACKED COM The RV crash scene in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives was a way to screw over the producer. o Producer Don Behrns would get a chunk o
GRAOY Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here is a middle finger to music execs. WISH YOU WERE HERE Their label pressured them to make a new album, and a good
CRACKED COM A good chunk of the code of the NES game Pachi Com is one guy getting things off his chest. ACcomT 8 i!! 2402 SEmRE TOEMILAND hi /1F 1 FS-
CRACKED COM Predator's studio said there wasn't enough gun action, somehow, and asked for more. So director John McTiernan gave them a ridiculously ov
NDAIV The bad guys of Space Quest 3 are the creators' real Bosses. In the game, you rescue two alien programmer slaves (named after the creators) from
NDC In the classic RPG UItima VII, you fight the Guardian, whose power comes from the Cube, the Sphere, and the Tetrahedron. ELECTRONIC ARTS The devel
Led Zeppelin left their name off their album to troll critics. Critics despised Led Zeppelin, and whined that their records only sold because they sai
CRAO Bob Dylan made Self-portrait just to clear out his fanbase. He was tired of being worshiped by hippies, so he made an intentionally godawful doub
CRACKED.COM In NBA Jam, the Detroit Pistons were basically invincible against the Chicago Bulls. FBEEPLAY PIppen PRESS PBESS PRESS STOBT START START T
OO 19th-century writer H. Rider Haggard didn't like Treasure Island, SO his brother dared him to do better. King Solomon's Mines H. Rider wrote King S
One of KLF'S album covers is a f**k you to ABBA. Old-school acid band KLF ripped off ABBA songs wholesale, so they were ordered to destroy those album
CRACKED.COM Postal 2's expansion pack was one big f**k you to the publisher. POSTAL APOCALYPSE WEEKEND Fred Heslop's Whiptail Interactive published Po
CRACKED COM DC's Funky Flashman, a sleazy, untalented conman, is a caricature of Stan Lee. Fuke from Seott LAWKAN ROETON Creator Jack Kirby, Lee's lon
CRACKED.COM The opening of For Your Eyes Only mocks Never Say Never Again. Eon Productions was enraged by the mere existence of Never Say Never Again,
CRAOY Pete Best got back at the Beatles for kicking him out. BEST Savage the Beatles For Christmas 1965, he published Best of the Beatles, an album wi
CRACKED COM Pee-wee's Playhouse was a way to make SNL sorry. WWEE oy When Paul Reubens got rejected by Saturday Night Live, he spent the whole ride ba
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