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Celebrities are complicated, and their paths to success are just inherently interesting. Here's a broad collection of fascinating, lesser-known facts about famous people. They may not pave your path to stardom of your own, but they'll perk up your conversation game the next time there's a lull.

Entry by Andrea Meno

Missy Elliott was bumped up two grades in school, because her IQ was super high. WANG She got so lonely, she decided to fail everything and get moved

Entry by Ann Jimenez

Before she was a superstar, Arlana rnde was known in the news as the 'BoCA Kia for getting struck by hockey BOCA KID GETS A PUCK pucks, AND not ICE o

Entry by VictorCamo

Before getting his big break, Jon Hamm worked as a set dresser for Cinemax soft-core- porn movies. Hesaid it was soul lcrushing. CRAGKEDOOM

Entry by Andrea Meno

Sir Anthony Hopkins paints canvases that sell for up to $80,000. He paints four times a week, for hours and hours, and he's made more paintings than h

Entry by PookieJones

Jon Stewart was a puppeteer. His puppet show aimed to teach kids how to behave towards disabled people. CRACKED COM

Entry by Maclise

CRACKEDOON Blur bassist Alex James used his rockstar money to become an -winning cheesemaker. ALEXJAMES NO:2 XJAMES NO. NO. BLUE FARLEIGH WALLOP MONDA

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