36 Bananas Facts About Fav Celebs

The path to fame is varied and interesting.
36 Bananas Facts About Fav Celebs

Celebrities are complicated, and their paths to success are just inherently interesting. Here's a broad collection of fascinating, lesser-known facts about famous people. They may not pave your path to stardom of your own, but they'll perk up your conversation game the next time there's a lull.

Glenn Close was raised in a cult. Close's parents joined the Moral Re-Armament, a right-wing religious cult, when she was seven and she was in it up u
Comedic actor Steve Carrell was originally going to pursue a career in law! He changed his mind while filling out his law school application: He could
Missy Elliott was bumped up two grades in school, because her IQ was super high. WANG She got so lonely, she decided to fail everything and get moved
Before developing an interest in acting, LeVar Burton dreamt of becoming a Catholic priest. He got as far as enrolling at St. Pius X, a theological se
Helen Mirren was a carnival barker. Her job was talking fast and loud to draw people to a dart stall.
Before she was a superstar, Arlana rnde was known in the news as the 'BoCA Kia for getting struck by hockey BOCA KID GETS A PUCK pucks, AND not ICE o
CRACKED COM Justin Bieber can solve a Rubik's Cube in less than two minutes! RUBIK'S 4LIFE Yes. probably faster than you can! Bieber has been showing
the office One of Angela Kinsey's all-time favorite moments was the Yankee swap during the very first Christmas episode. You know, the one featuring t
Before getting his big break, Jon Hamm worked as a set dresser for Cinemax soft-core- porn movies. Hesaid it was soul lcrushing. CRAGKEDOOM
CRACKEDO Dr. Phil used to race moto- cross. He can still pop a wheelie on a dirt bike.
Frinae has been described as a pool shark. The Purple One's personal photographer (who considered himself as a fairly decent pool player) told a story
Sir Anthony Hopkins paints canvases that sell for up to $80,000. He paints four times a week, for hours and hours, and he's made more paintings than h
EZRA MILLER IS A TALENTED OPERA SINGER BROW He started taking singing classes as a child to overcome his stuttering. 4.
CRACKED COM vdavs ons Margot Robbie has given 100 tattoos to different people in her free time.
Before he was the greatest showman, Hugh Jackman was a children's birthday party clown. His last gig was for an 8-year old celebrant who thought he wa
Paul Rudd glazed hams. To save up money for a move to Los Angeles, Rudd got a job at Holiday Ham Company. There he would sift sugar onto a heated ham
Geena Davis used to be a live mannequin. One day while working at a clothing store, Davis decided to pose as a mannequin in the store's window display
Jack Gleeson says Joffrey's funeral was one of his favorite days on the GOT set. I was on a cliff with stones in my eyes and I just got to sleep all
Miley Cyrus' first paid job was to... ...go on stage after her dad's show and pick up all the thrown bras and underwear. He paid her $10 for that. MLG
Chris Hemsworthe used to clean breast pumps. Before making it as an actor Hemsworth used to clean rented breast pumps for a pharmacy. He has described
Jon Stewart was a puppeteer. His puppet show aimed to teach kids how to behave towards disabled people. CRACKED COM
Stanley Tucci scrubbed toilets that didn't have running water. RESTROOM At a young age, the actor worked at a park in Westchester, New York. He call
Bill Nye wears bow ties because a long tie would be at risk of falling into his science experiments. GRACKEDCOM
CRACKED COM Marilyn Monroe's signature sexy whispery voice was a strategy 1o decrease her stutter.
Hillary Clinton had a job in Alaska scooping out fish guts. She worked in a salmon factory for one summer and was immediately fired for questioning th
A 25-year old Quentin Tarantino appeared as an Elvis Presley impersonator in one episode of THE GOLDEN GIRLS GRAGKEDOON
Matthew McConaughey was hired by a country club in Texas to set up sand traps in a golf course. He was later given a gun to shoot armadillos when thos
Grey's Anatomy actor Patrick Dempsey used to be a professional juggler. He even joined and won second place in a national juggling competition. In tur
I'm feeding the fish. Mr. Rogers made it a habit to say out loud when he was giving his finned friends food because he received a letter from a youn
ACTOR JASON MOMOA IS ALSO A PAINTER, HAVING STUDIED THE ART IN PARIS Which isn't strange, considering that his mother is a professional painter and ph
Clint Eastwood squints because his eyes are sensitive to light. Shooting in bright light for the Fistful of Dollars trilogy only highlighted the effec
CRACKEDCON Bill Hader's most memorable moment on Saturday Night Live was playing in a punk band with Dave Grohl. In a sketch about aging rock stars, H
MC Hammer is an ordained minister. The rapper, known for songs such as'2 Legit 2 Quit' and 'U Can't Touch This,' now gives sermons at the Jubilee Chri
Kurt Cobain invented Grunge fashion because he was broke. e His mismatching outfits were mostly stuff he bought in thrift stores. CRACKEDCO
36 Bananas Facts About Fav Celebs
CRACKEDOON Blur bassist Alex James used his rockstar money to become an -winning cheesemaker. ALEXJAMES NO:2 XJAMES NO. NO. BLUE FARLEIGH WALLOP MONDA
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