36 Bananas Facts About Fav Celebs

36 Bananas Facts About Fav Celebs

Celebrities are complicated, and their paths to success are just inherently interesting. Here's a broad collection of fascinating, lesser-known facts about famous people. They may not pave your path to stardom of your own, but they'll perk up your conversation game the next time there's a lull.

Entry by Resivir

Miley Cyrus' first paid job was to... ...go on stage after her dad's show and pick up all the thrown bras and underwear. He paid her $10 for that. MLG

Entry by Kevin King

Stanley Tucci scrubbed toilets that didn't have running water. RESTROOM At a young age, the actor worked at a park in Westchester, New York. He call

Entry by Kevin King

Hillary Clinton had a job in Alaska scooping out fish guts. She worked in a salmon factory for one summer and was immediately fired for questioning th

Entry by Maclise

Clint Eastwood squints because his eyes are sensitive to light. Shooting in bright light for the Fistful of Dollars trilogy only highlighted the effec
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