25 Hypocrite Characters (Called Out)

Fans won’t mind a little inconsistency, right?
25 Hypocrite Characters (Called Out)

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Fictional franchises work really hard on fleshing out their characters with a wikiful of information. Yet those characters still manage to do wild, hypocritical flip-flops in the movies and shows that are supposed to be canon.

There's no excuse for it. Just ask ShortUsername01, who suggested this contest. And yet we still get stuff like:

In The Dark Knight, the Joker just wants to show how pathetic schemers are for trying to control things. But when his big plan (to have people on on
In the Season 4 episode Dunder Mifflin Infinity, Angela tells the camera that Pam is the office mattress, talking about Pam's relationship with Ji
25 Hypocrite Characters (Called Out)
CRACKEDcO COM THE WOLVERINE Logan condemns Mori for sleeping around on his fiancee Mariko, but not Mariko for sleeping around on her fiance Mori. Prob
CRACKEDCO Better to die than betray your friends, says Sirius Black. But he already betrayed Remus Lupin once, when he told Snape to go into the Whomp
Logan Huntzberger fancies himself a free spirit burdened by the expectations of his wealthy family. Gilmore girls But the life he wants to live involv
Padme turned against Anakin when she learned that he massacred the younglings. STAR WARS EPISODE IIL REVENGE OF THE SITH. But before, when Anakin admi
In Thor: The Dark World, Odin condemns Loki during his trial, saying, Wherever you go there is war, ruin and death. Odin built his empire with his d
CRACKED COM MEGAMIND l can have everything J want! Megamind celebrates his victory over Metro Man by looting Metro City. But he is disappointed when h
Wateh Out CE In Season 1, Episode 10, Homer's Night Out, Marge kicks Homer out of the house because a picture of him dancing with another woman is g
Jiminy Cricket's famous catch phrase.- Pinocchio DiSNEY Just let your conscience be your guide! --.apparently means... Just save your own wooden be
It's perfectly fine for Q CRACKED cO to deliberately send the Enterprise into the path of the Borg years before the Federation would have encountered
In The Dark Knight, Harvey Dent boasts about using his position to get a table at a restaurant. In that same scene, he snarks that Gotham citizens hav
CRACKED COM Black Panther's Kilimonger says that Wakanda should use its tools (i.e. vibranium) to liberate people of African descent. But then he dest
A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack. -Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back Just where the f*ck do ya think you're going? -Als
the office Jim Halpert punishes, and considers firing, Ryan for not doing his work and bothering people. This is the same Jim that spent years elabora
Only a Sith deals with absolutes. -Obi-Wan Kenobi Only Sith? a Are you absolutely sure about that, Obi-Wan?
On Friends, Monica has no problem teasing ROSS about dating Elizabeth, not because she's his student, but because she's younger. Age difference didn't
In Game of Thrones, Tywin Lannister says the family name is all that matters, but he doesn't act like it. He sentenced Tyrion to death, even though
In Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne rejects the League of Shadows, choosing not to be a murderer... then immediately burns down their headquarters, probably
Doc scolds BAEK Marty for TO FUTURETT using time travel for personal reasons, risking GRAYS a ATNNTY FOR MLL SPORTS FACTS rift in the space-time conti
Shrek hates the fact that others judge him before they know him. But he angrily judged all the refugees in his swamp before he knew them.
After spending the Buffy early seasons hammering the ampire on saer Buffy for her relationship with Angel (because he's an inhuman vampire) Xander Har
25 Hypocrite Characters (Called Out)
In Avengers: Endgame, Steve Rogers tells his post-snap support group that you gotta move on and let the past go. He then proceeds to return to the p
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