16 Characters That Sure Seem Like Ripoffs


It's become commonplace nowadays for the unwashed masses to scream at Hollywood about regurgitating the same concepts over and over again. But this is nothing new -- Tinsel Town has been ripping itself off for years, and most likely on purpose because that's what kind of bastards those guys are.

There's an apocryphal quote often attributed to T.S. Eliot: “good authors borrow; great offers steal.” We're not looking up whether that quote is real or whether Eliot said it. We're just nerdy nerdy enough to have heard of both T.S. Eliot and that quote, but not nerdy enough to actually Google the truth. We've got pristine, undorky search histories to preserve, like “did Spike TV's Deadliest Warrior ever do a breakdown of Alien vs. Predator?” (The answer is sadly no). Anyway, back to ripoffs!

Our readers put together a list of characters that are clear ripoffs of their predecessors, whether they want to admit it or not. Winner got $200 ...

Entry by clg123

If you've heard of the -Men/Doom Patrol rip-off controversy, then you probably know the Doom Patrol's oWn Rita Farr (aka Elasti-Girl) Doom Patrol (196

Entry by clg123

Cars was a 2006 film that told the story of a young arrogant protagonist who accidently goes off road and destroys the property of a small town while

Entry by clg123

CRACKED COM FRED SAVAGE HOWIE MANDEL Disney-PIXAR PIXAR little ONSTERS, INC monsters (2001) (1989) A little girl discovers a A little boy discovers a
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