All The Ways You're Just The Absolute Worst Friend / Partner

It turns out that other people might actually not be the problem.
All The Ways You're Just The Absolute Worst Friend / Partner

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Relationships, of both the romantic and platonic variety, are hard. People are just so difficult to deal with. It's recently occurred to us that other people might not be the problem. So we asked our readers to show us ways they're just plain difficult to be in a friendship or romantic partnership with.

That way, literally none of us have to change our behavior. Win-win!

7 ME H Budweine 2 Whenever a friend and I go out to a bar, and he's buying, I try to drink slightly faster than he does. The way I see it, the faster
CRACKEDCO COM If I don't want to do something for you, I'll forget to do it every time you ask me to until you quit asking.
It might take anywhere from an hour to a day... ...but I must always, ALWAYS, win that argument. CRACKED COM
I'll ghost my friends without any valid reason. Especially when they need me for something and I don't feel like helping them. 3174 tm tmk beent Hey y
CRACKED left, slice pizza only one someone If there's it before in foil. eat it up I'll either I'll wrap refrigerator does, or in the it. else it find
I talk my friends into buying newly released games so I can play them for free. Yup, I might be a bit exploitative. And manipulative And cheap. CRACKE
My husband sleeps Dike a baby whie D often suffer from ansomnia. D might totally @oPs!n unintentionaly: drop sowething loudly when this happens.
CRACKEDCON COO I'll die of hunger or thirst before getting up for a snack. But if you get up, I'll be quick to ask you to bring me back something, 's
I hate phone calls. So yeah, I'm probably not going to pick up. Or call you back. CRACKED.COM
Whenever my friends ask me to like their YouTube videos, I dislike them instead. Up next HHINDe JOKER ENDING EXPLAINED 220/1615 Joker - Spoiler Re
My friend doesn't like hearing  told you so. I use the following instead: I wish someone had offered an alternative method that would have prevente
the I've got of gab. gift S CQOAROH J B If we hang out, chances are, I'll dominate the conversation. CRACKEDCON
Whenever I'm at a restaurant with friends, I always persuade them to order slightly expensive items so I can take a bite or two. et 8 hr atn tiaie sis
CRACKEDGO COM OARWIM A I'm not good at keeping my controversial opinions to myself.
The moment when my girlfriend asks me to go shopping with her: Traffic hot is very jam Today Boooriiingg... far is too house Her 0 cannot move or I wi
CRACKEDo I'm never the oM who checks out the weiird noise in the middle of the nighit. I'II mak YOU do it.
I'm insanely CRACKEDO CON competitive. No matter how close we are, I probably won't be happy for you when you beat me. randstad c
CRACKEDCO COM When one of my Facebook friends starts dating someone, I unfollow them. I'm an angry, single guy so I don't want to see lovey-dovey stuf
When my friends ask my ETA, and I'm like: on my way. ...But little do they know:
Volume IDo When I'm watching TV, I absolutely must hear every single thing said on the show and absolutely nothing else. No talking, phone, TV or musi
Whenever a friend, sends me a funny video, I always reply Haha, nice less than a minute later, even if the video is three minutes long.
No, 0 don't want to look at endless pictures of your baby. There are only SO many times 0 caN smile, nod and pretend it's cute. CRACKEDOON
When a friend calls, I pretend I can't hear them and then hang up. HELLO. HELLO. Is ANYONE THERE? HELLO. ARE yoU MUTED? HELLO. That way, I can never b
CRACKED I believe that less is more. So I tend to throw useless things out, including my wife's possessions that I assume she doesn't need. She told m
I look forward to a barrage of birthday wishes every year on social media... 18 OO but I pretty much never, ever leave a birthday message on anyone el
I always wait until the very last minute to buy gifts. CAPTAIN DERPANT For SPECIAL a GIRL Aetionl ou! HAPPY VALEN- CRACKEDOON TINEIS DAY mentos strawb
CRAGKED COM When I'm cooking for myself, I always leave a little bit of food in the pan and offer it to my housemate so I don't have to do the washing
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