Bonkers Anachronisms In Well-Known Movies And Shows

Bonkers Anachronisms In Well-Known Movies And Shows

History is a fickle thing. And sometimes, actually a lot of the time, movies bend and twist it and shape it to their needs. History made easy! Doing so solves some problems, but it also causes others. Like nobody wants to see a guy wearing a wristwatch in a medieval battle scene - that's fun for a second but then you begin to wonder: if they didn't give a crap about that, what other stuff don't they care about. 

And then you begin to wonder why you're even watching this thing in the first place so you shut it off and go to McDonald's. Ok, maybe that's not you, but that's definitely us.

So yeah, movies are make-believe, and can be set in literally any reality. So when filmmakers decide to set their creations in the real world, you'd think they'd be careful about getting their history right. And yet, somehow, they're constantly including historically-impossible details in their creations.

Details like:

Entry by Scarin

In 1955, Marty plays a Gibson ES-345-which entered production in 1958. Looks like the DeLorean was prepared for a rock 'n' roll emergency. l BACY TO F

Entry by DocBen

THE GOONiES What is this? A 1973 Topps baseball card in the wallet of someone who's been dead since the 1930s? Now that is a treasure! CRACKED.COM

Entry by Danzy

CRACKEDC COM TNDANAow AJONES and the LAST CRUSADE Indy rushes to Berlin to prevent his father's diary from being burned. But in 1938, the Nazi book bu
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